Arma Agharta – Arma & Refusenik

Artist: Arma Agharta
Title: Arma & Refusenik
Keywords: experimental, drone improvised lo-fi noise weird Lithuania

Like wading around in a bucket full of electric grapes ready to be flattened under the souls of our feet, the music steps on in a relaxed tempo. All a bit wet and juicy among the toes while we drink little tasters of the vino kind…this is music of the good life, somewhere in the middle of nowhere, relaxed on a wine foundry in the sun…

music and melody, extraordinary sounds of pleasant experiment set the surroundings, being all nice and kind, utterly melodically pleasing in a non invasive way. It’s as if the one-person wine factory had been occupied with strange but lovable animals and sweet insects. They twinkle around like colorful friendly butterflies, all curious to what the red juice will become towards the end.

This lovable melodic soundscape sets the head in the sun, making it dream of a pension in the country side. Just squashing grapes alongside the exclusive animal and insect companionship; what a lovely place to be dreaming about! Thanks ‘Arma & Refusenik’ you really had set my mind into something wonderful!

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