Graham Stoney – Everything Is Fucked

Artist: Graham Stoney
Title: Everything Is Fucked
Keywords: angry comedy folk pop punk rage rock Sydney

I recognize a positive title from miles away & this one named ‘everything is f*cked’ is certainly no exception. It was send in through our beloved request form (the way to make sure we see your requests & if we never review it, you know your request is being ignored) & had landed upon my desk for a critical listen. Oh, oh I attempted to listened critically…

it really seemed to fit the right personal moment upon listening, as my soup (that I looked forward for) had been burned in the kitchen & I just noticed that someone had nicked my sock full of hard earned coins… life f*cked me over big time! Just when I wanted to sit down to seriously pen up a review I fell on the floor, the chair had disappeared & while laying on my back like a silly turtle I realized that this was not the yeah I know it sucks headquarters & that I probably had broken into some random villa… sometimes a person can black out and be confused, you know? Not long after realizing my mistake, I could hear police sirens and a voice ordering to step outside with my arms up…

everything was f*cked up.

When I did step out with my hands in the air I got hit by a ice cream van… shit there I flew high up in the air and I landed vertically on the iron pipe of a rusty fence; ouch! Trousers had been ripped and my dark tunnel of turds had been impaled; beautifully exposed for the police force that found joy in the sight. I was literally and figuratively pretty f*cked in all the ways that the sentence could apply to & after a hospital visit with pig-escort, they removed the iron pipe out of my bonsai hole in between my buttocks…

It was here that I typed this blurb to you, hopefully warning you that even though this song is actually great, be aware that the message might come and f*ck you up in real life!

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2 Responses to Graham Stoney – Everything Is Fucked

  1. Graham says:

    This review is actually great.

  2. Linda says:

    I’ll gently bookmark this for a relisten on the next Monday at work (in a few weeks yay)

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