Mister XX – You My Love

‘You My Love’

What does Linda (our loyal head of comment) listens next to Jan Strach? Linda (the one and only) had been recently hooked to some kind of music that nobody here really knew about. That’s usually a good thing, cause we always love unheard stuff. But what will this be? I’m afraid to hear it, as it might be the end for the eternal search for spicy music. Who knows? It might be so good (or bad!) that there would be simply no more reason to continue YIKIS. In a way that might be good, cause it gives a lot of spare time to attempt to do absolutely nothing. Trust me; It’s harder than you think!

She listens (according a very good source;herself) to something called SPARKS and Glenn Gould. Personally I knew about Thomas Gould, who delivered one of the solid reasons to collect and release the infamous ‘Totally Shit’ compilation. His track ‘you my love’ was just… wow. An instant favorite among favorites that will be on top of my list of amazing creations till the day I die.. oh shit, Actually this was not mister T Ghould, it was Mister XX; I don’t know how I mixed them two up. Sorry. But seriously, I don’t know about the Glenn Gould that Linda listens, but I bet this xxx will sound much more impressive:
Isn’t ‘you my love’ the best song ever created? I certainly would think so. The Ghould family must be extremely talented that it’s members could interest me or Linda the head of comment. Out of curiosity I did check the other Ghould that Linda listens, he is one that plays the piano and does it so well. It’s a handsome Ghould, so even if it’s playing would suck, he still has the credits of his beauty. But for as far that I could see & hear, it was beautiful too. He had a miraculously feel about his fingers, playing like only a real Ghould could do.

As mentioned before ‘Linda’ also likes and listens to SPARKS. I checked it out a couple of times (use uncle Google and you shall find!) and even though I really enjoyed the video clip with the dolls from this particular band, I still remain convinced that Mister XX is the best possible music that anyone could listen. I mean whether or not your name is Linda, this is the kind of golden music that everyone should listen & think by themselves ‘this is the music that I love’, as after all who can serenade us better than ‘you my love’?

For some reason I could imagine Linda clicking the video embedded within this post & completely forgetting about SPARKS and Glenn Gould… 24/7 everyday of the year ‘you my love’ nonstop till the end of eternity! And perhaps if you clicked it and heard it, you too would be listening to mister XX forever and ever… it simply wouldn’t surprise me at all… happy listening, lovers!

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3 Responses to Mister XX – You My Love

  1. janstrach says:

    Linda get back to listening to Jan Strach RIGHT NOW!

  2. kainobuko says:

    lol πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    • Linda says:

      I sorta start feeling this mister XX y’ know…. ❀ ❀ all getting warm and fuzzy. I guess that soaring organ did it ;p

      What'd be the best Strach piece to compete with this?! (!) πŸ˜€

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