Burnt Hair – Wicked Games

Artist: Burnt Hair
Title: Wicked Games
Keywords:experimental dark ambient darkwave drone noise Jacksonville

Burnt Hair seems to know what to make and play for the homeless wasted people. I mean we tested this release out on the homeless wasted people here & they seemed to thoroughly enjoy the ‘Wicked Games’ EP by Burnt Hair. Some would wobble their heads and others even attempted to dance, while others would just look up out of pure curiosity .

For the weirdos over here that needs a penned opinion to know what this release sounds like; I can tell you that it is smooth, musical, nightly & features a soothing male and female voice. It contains only the the best sounds & uses them in the best structures that are perhaps easy, yet pretty brilliant at that.

A big snare slowly banging in the lonely depth, a warm synth string adding that tonal element & the voices romantic and down, full of isolated enthusiasm that smells of a Goth attitude… it’s pretty much a cool mix & contains ‘Wicked Games’ , which is probably one of the best covers that me and the homeless wasted people had ever heard; utterly calm, sad and full of dark romance.

One of the heroin junkie friends held up his needle up in the air while it played, perhaps pretending that it was a lid candle, or maybe he was indeed falling in love with it, as he had a lot of love within his eye-sight. In any case our test subjects and of course me really enjoyed this EP. Let’s hope and pray that you would like it to:

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