Clemix – Discobar

Artist: Clemix
Title: Discobar
Keywords: brussels pop chansons electro funky woman Brussels

It’s that the title was a dead giveaway, but I couldn’t stop singing ‘Escobar’ wherever Clemix was singing ‘Discobar’. I’m not a huge fan of Pablo Escobar, but as frequently name dropped in a disco tune it certainly upgraded my feelings for Escobar. But no, this Is Discobar and not Escobar, but to be fair if Clemix would release this song in the exact sameness as it is now and named it Escobar, nobody would know it was actually ‘discobar’ that Clemix sings within the lyrics. The cover would have to feature the head of Escobar instead of a disco ball & yet another successful hit would have been born!

But let’s leave the Escobar discover mix-up idea behind and tell you about this release. The music is fun and electric, with thick baselines and a nice energetic vibe that would do great on the dance floor. It doesn’t need to be a disco dance floor, any floor will do! Clemix sings in the French language, if you do not speak French but are able to understand while listening; congratulations! If you do not speak or understand it; also congratulations! It makes it easier to hear the music as music, feel the energy at its purest form without having to analyze the words and meanings. I presume that it’s about having fun… but who knows, it might be politics or indeed secretly all about Pablo Escobar… who knows? I certainly don’t & I don’t care; dancing too hard!

There is one track that is sung in English, it’s a lot of fun and the heavy accent in Climex her voice is pretty adorable and somehow exotically quirky. She sings about wanting to be respected & that you should be happy with a girl friend like her… and yes, from where I am standing I would fully agree with her statement within this fun edgy song. If you don’t treat her well she will go and make a tune about it & come on, anyone being able to make cool music like this is pretty much a keeper!

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