eves – svaha

Artist: eves
Title: svaha
Keywords: ambient soundtrack Melbourne

There are so many ways to find music, out in the streets, in venues, in the huge amount of requests, through the mail, social media and through good old detective work. Sometimes there is an artist whose music taste I respect that passes on a link to check out… the artist named Furchick does that on rare occasions and whenever she does it I tend to jump on it like a tiger and sip it up like a precious soup. This ons here, a single track by an artist named eves was one of them that she passed onto me to check out. And I was so glad i gave it the tiger jump treatment as this was pretty wonderful.

I won’t tell you how it exactly sounds or what kind of music it exactly is, neither will I point out what I hear as those things it’s best for a reader to hear by themselves. It’s simply the easiest way to find out how things sound like and if you like it or not. But what I will do is describe what it did to my imagination. Why? Because it’s interesting, at least for me, myself and I. The all-round experience of what it sets out to be within my head & this one track named ‘svaha’ was a rather lovely one.

It made me dream of some kind of wonderland, a place out in the open, with green healthy grass and pretty trees in full blossom. Within it I saw a tower, a beautiful tower with a large bell that was swinging around by a bearish creature. The sound of that bell rang over the entire dreamland, making fairytale creatures aware that there had been something going on, a moment in which everyone of them needs to come together in front of the magical tower to discuss things. Perhaps a meeting how to run the wonders in the nearby future, or maybe a gathering of the mythical minds to do some kind of social interaction. I don’t know exactly what it is or what it is for, but I would love to be there and be some kind of part of it. I imagined being dressed up as a human butterfly & sneak in on the action, hang out with the fairytale creatures and see and hear from first hand what their daily lives are about.

Of course this is just a fantasy, as I don’t think the undercover costume of a human butterfly would fool them, still the thought that they would accept me on this wonderland occasion near this magical tower and its prominent call for togetherness was a wonderful one. So I say thanks to eves for this day dream generated by her music & I say thanks to Furchick for letting me know about it existing; both of you I appreciate so much!

Maybe you can hear this track now with your own ears and see your own imaginary things inspired by this fine case of dreamy music. Maybe after it you would be grateful for eves making it, Furchick for suggesting it & maybe me for passing it on to you as the gentle messenger… maybe not; but that’s the risk of the reviewer and listener relationship. In any case, here it is:

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