Nitemirror – Slime Singles (2014​-​2015)

Artist: Nitemirror
Title: Slime Singles (2014​-​2015)
Keywords: bedroom pop death death metal digital-punk dreamcore electronic lo-fi medal new genre new wave slime slimewave powerviolence United States

These singles are not there to be taken for granted, they kick in the doors and sound rough and naughty like punk people who had been living on the edge. I don’t know them or their living circumstances, but they for sure sound like they sit in the day time in the street begging for coins to pay for their studio recording time and booze.

They smell of punk, their beats are speedy and their vocal expressions are angry. They never get a normal day job because being complete waste of society takes already too much of their time & hell, hearing them; they are pretty good at that. You got to respect their riffs and sounds, they’ve been drenched in the real thing, nobody can tell them what to do & that’s why they sound so powerful and pickled; society’s worst nightmare!

I can’t imagine any of these singles on this release ever being played on the radio, but I can’t imagine this band to ever have a sleepless night about that. They are the virus revolting against the system, the new Sex Pistols without commercial success! The anti heroes that rather start a revolution than becoming the new popular Beatles formation! I love them in this regard & maybe you do it as well !

This is the band that screws record labels and flips the finger towards commercialism, they celebrate the downside down-town side of life & do that with their own sound and style! Nobody can tell them to adopt & in that matter they sound as real, as real could be. They might not sound like your happy source of music, but they are just there confirming that life is a mess & provide this message with cool tracks and songs!

I don’t know you or your mindset, but personally I love punk & this band sound very authentic in music and in life-style.. I seem to trust them & maybe if you are into this kind of shit, you dig them too!

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