Ships In The Night – Myriologues

artist: Ships In The Night
title: Myriologues
keywords: berlin electronic experimental dark electronic darkwave dream pop dreampop indie synthpop vaporwave witch house Charlottesville

Ships In The Night sail away and take us listeners with them, through passages in which the sky is filled with falling stars, a romantic pancake of a moon & the stereophonic vocals as the wind in the sails. The sea is flat but the trip certainly isn’t, it’s wavier, like a sweet melodramatic dream that wobbles kindly like a mum wiggling a newborn baby in the crib.

If the trip had a color, it would be cobalt blue, with here and there a little white fluff and golden sparkles. The Ships In The Night drift away on top of big but slow beats, drastically soothing like a whispering spirit that feels like a fist from the ashes; a force that protects you no matter what kind of terrible sea creatures are out there to munch us for dinner.

Ships In The Night will take on the best basslines and steer over them like a professional sailor, soothing every moment with pretty vocals as the lovable plasters on all your wounds. Every sea is conquered; each track faces the dangers with magical dreaming powers. Driving on power that I brought in epic materials that might be haunting like a ghost, but it is one of the good kind; one that takes care for you even though we are all alone miles away from any land in sight.

But we are not the only one in these ships being sailed away, if you take a peek on the deck you will see lots of lost souls chattered together at the ship’s bandcamp account. Apparently a whole crew of hard willing workers is cherished and captivated by the adventure that Ships In The Night had set us on: Cherishing us all with equal love and attention, keeping us warm in the cold & dry in the rain of falling tears.

I can see and hear the appeal, and understand the new crew of listeners being cared and catered for on these ships. It’s a dark place out there, especially when hearing this album in the darkness (real or imagined) and Ships In The Night seem to provide a bit of a safe harbor, even while floating somewhere in the middle of nowhere.

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