Mitei Narico – Hearing Loss

Artist: Mitei Narico
Title: Hearing Loss
Keywords: experimental dark ambient experimantal japan mnhl music concrete noise Osaka

Mitei Narico has this album out that will give any musician, sound fanatic, regular listener and many music reviewers proper nightmares. Not because the music is scary or actually terrifying, it is more the philosophical fear that it seemed to imply that this might be the actual sound walking up towards the hell that is hearing loss. Imagine that, we wouldn’t be able to write such glorious reviews anymore, or wel… no we could just write them and guess how the music sounds; the reviews would probably be even better!

But there is the catch as even though the album title puts everyone off, the actual music (wether it is real or imagined) is pretty much beautiful and peaceful. I still imagine that Mitei Narico had taken the smart concept of imagining how the world would sound like as perceived through someone with actual hearing loss. That doesn’t mean there is nothing to hear, in fact there is lots to hear, but it’s all more muffled, distorted in kind ways, bubbling away or perhaps humming in its audio ways; life with a hearing loss does sound very different than without, but Mitei Naric knows how to get the beauty out of it.

Everything becomes more abstract, pretty in drone-forms, glitchy even; it doesn’t sound so bad at all, perhaps it does sound a bit lonely, but if you compensate it with the warm coziness that it brings, or the wanderings of the mind to find out what you are actually experiencing; I do not think that you will actually experience loneliness at all. You will be probably be to busy deciphering the sounds and try to picture them what they had been before you experienced it through Mitei Naric’s hearing loss.

Footsteps? Firework crackles? Underwater submarine life? Fighting a monster? Sleeping next to a purring cat? It’s all a mystery & now that I think of it; it’s not only about experiencing sound through hearing loss… I mean there is nothing to see other than the album cover; so it’s really up to you to think what you come across or experience with this album playing. Like a short-sighted hearing-loss person wading through a experimental experiment created by this sound maverick named Mitei Naric. Do you want to experience ‘hearing loss’? Go ahead and click the ink:

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