polygonal golf – polygonal golf

Artist: polygonal golf
Title: polygonal golf
Keywords: folk chiptunes glitch harsh noise harsh noise wall hnw lana del ray on a bicycle lobit noise rave Campeche
Label: http://koindozer.org/glitchcity/
Reviewer: Simon Hit

A game of polygonal golf, one that is so nice and blubbery… You can play it with a stick and a ball, or without, as polygonal golf is one of the few games that is accessible and inaccessible for everyone. You might want to wear a pair of boots though, as there is a possibility that you would sink within this game elbows-deep. In that case, wearing boots might not actually be of any help, minus if they are all the way up to your elbows. Is that even possible? Only professional polygonal golfers probably know the answer. Are there any professional polygonal golfers around? I guess not cause they probably have sank even deeper. May the professional polygonal golfers Rest In Peace.

Still even though polygonal golf might make you sink within the playing grounds, it is also a game (just like the occasional golf) of no fun at all. It’s all about having no skills, no dynamics, no nothings… it’s just nice and blubbery the whole nine yards through! Personally I would suggest you to engage in another sport, unfortunately I dislike them even worse & compared to a game of polygonal golf… polygonal golf is better. You just step in, sink away and probably die: game over!
Polygonal golf might be harsh, but it’s one of the few games in which there are no winners & everyone is a loser! Do you want to try?

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