Artist: ST3ND3K
Title: ST3ND3K
Keywords: new age, ambient music, synthwave, soundtrack

This release starts with a lovable melodramatic melody to brighten up the lighthearted listener. Something that is bitter sweet and short; giving the taste of something you like & before you could completely embrace it, makes a quick runaway. But it only ran away to make space for more intriguing material, one in which a steamy air flow gets a synthesized highlight of pure coolness; material that feels slightly psychedelic but still keeps one leg attached to the darkness that is the floor. There evil seems to lurk around, one that establishes itself with big beats and glorious blackened melodies of a evil industrial order.

After this the release brings a lighter mood, one in which the digital blips and blobs from a retro video game will welcome you before falling into a more lush synthesizer spectacle. Here fans of the genre become easily transformed into lovers, carrying ST3ND3K on top of their hands far above their heads; isn’t it lovely?

But that isn’t all that is worth fans their loving, as the release will provide the soundtrack for a sunrises among many others. It is pleasantly kind and relaxed, feeding some synthesized strings and a easy relatable piano to the ears, spiking it up for a nice listen session. The last work on the release gives us a final showcase of bigness generated by synth sounds. It rises up in full gracefulness, slowly feeding something of a grand allure to the release, a thing that smoothly goes under the skin and than suddenly slips in to disappear… in a way this probably means that the music of this specific release had found a host to live in & the host is nobody less than… you!

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