Mold Omen – Some Like it Fraught

Artist: Mold Omen
Title: Some Like it Fraught
Keywords: experimental drone free folk free improv label netlabel noise Palau

The Mold Omen steps in with a work that feels as if we are at a alternative kind of Hare Krishna gathering. One in which someone is tingling a rhythm and another is moving furniture at specific times. The others are clearly gone or very quiet, although another one can be heard adding ringing tones to the session. It’s rhythmic material to sleep and trip with your head towards an alternate state of mind.

It’s a ha for happiness and a gasping gasp for a kind trip with Noise elements that aren’t of a unpleasant order. A sweet layer of someone brushing its teeth on repeat & some lonely telephone ring that gets quickly whiskered towards the exit. A deeper layer of sound that made me think of the comical face of a turkey also joins this sleepy parade. Towards the end a electric alarm goes off; obviously attempting to wake and shake us up; unfortunately I’m baked enough to never wake up again.

Still the release continues with a different approach. No more Hare Krishna style, but something that made me think of some dodgy workplace with lots of coal, steam and fire. You can hear someone using a hatched on stones, or perhaps shoveling up coals into a steamy oven; it feels as if our faces are covered in dust, as if we are in a claustrophobic mine to search for imperial chemicals…

The next step on this release seems to have captured a sick elephant doing a duet with a kazoo & a human baby. It’s all pretty tight and directed, falling perfectly in the groove provided by a neat background drum. This one is called ‘pulled and thrown’ and I’m not aware why this is exactly. Let’s hope the elephant in the room didn’t throw the baby though the air… it’s a possibility, but as given in the rhythmic tightness of the music; everything seems to be directed and going according plan.

Last piece of action on this release is ‘stoop’, this comes across as we have arrived at the back room in a distinguished dirty toilet-corner. Perhaps it’s a large urinal, the ones that cover a whole wall. Maybe it’s someone trying to clean up the urinal with a sponge & when muffled moans are inserted into the experimental mix of experimental water (or urine) lowbrow spectacle it feels as if the ‘cleaner’ is either complaining on the job of cleaning the urinal, or that there is perhaps a man nearby in a toilet booth playing around with his tinkly sausage & these moans are the sounds of the person’s personal pleasure…

Anyhow, this little release has plenty of mind boggling audio to offer. Never unpleasant and pretty visual. Feel free to check it out over at the following link:

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