qualia – Aside

Artist: qualia
Title: Aside
Keywords: experimental jazz progressive death soul rock torch gospel female great american songbook indie new wave old fashioned psychedelic post-punk Oakland

Oh, hello! There you are! I’ve been looking all over the place for you. Happy that you are here. It’s the place to be. Just you and me. Almost like a relationship isn’t it? So what you have been up to today?

Ah, nice. Well yeah I don’t want to talk over you, but I’ve been listening to Aside by qualia and thought maybe you can plan such a listening session within your day too? I mean she gets standing ovations, you know? If you don’t believe me, you certainly have to check it out as you can actually hear the loud applause on this album. People with a good quality in music taste appreciate qualia; so I guess that must be you and me my friend. We are the epicenter of good quality in taste of music, aren’t we?

But yes, I know you had many things to do and other things to hear, but really try to plan that listening session in as I think you would appreciate it. After all qualia didn’t record a wonderful singing voice within this album for nothing. She didn’t record her wonderful piano works for an empty room. She did record it for you and me my friend. That’s how qualia and friends are; always having the best ahead for the others. Luckily providing us with nice music is a mutual thing of enjoyment; they play & record & you listen. When you have time I mean.. (don’t want to force you..)

I know… I know you got things to do, but listen up my friend they even have a choir on this record! I mean; a choir! Not just you and me singing together under a shower; no an actual choir! I mean, you got to respect that & recognize the importance of having such a case of music in your ears. And oh my friend, there is this track named the center song & it goes surprisingly into this swinging groovy hypnosis of harmony and melody… I mean it’s all just there waiting for you to hear. Not for aunt Nelly who has no quality taste in music whatsoever , but for you and me my friend.

Yep, the quality of qualia seem to have no endings, always a win in every single track on this album. So much quality that you might think; how much possible quality can be possible fitted inside an album of qualia? Well… obvious a whole lot! It doesn’t come as a huge surprise that the music is not done by a single person but a enormous amount of musicians, obviously all the best crop of their musical professions! They obviously don’t twist and shout to bring you a bit of old fashioned blues. The one kind that makes you feel like you have been listening to a old vinyl record of that Motown sound. I don’t know if I have that correct, but if you hear it, you will clearly know what I had been chatting about.

That authentic sound my friend, that vibe of authenticity of real music makers playing songs and music for us on those rainy days, to provide you with that Sunday feeling of recovering of a hangover, even if it isn’t even Sunday, not raining or you haven’t have had a hangover in years… it simply doesn’t matter as qualia provide you with that vibe and feeling. It’s a thing that we (quality music lovers) love to hear and appreciate, right? It’s a bit different than our usual escapes in outlandish listening sessions of the harsh noise albums, but that is the beauty of it; a nice welcoming difference in audio form. It’s as if we had always drank cheap beer and are suddenly offered a good glass of quality wine; isn’t that nice so once in a while? Yep, I thought so too. Well, my good quality friend, I have to go and jump in front of a bus now, but will provide you with this beautiful link to this quality album by qualia. Hope you will appreciate it, whenever the time lets you… here it is:

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