Title: 4 Track EP
Keywords: australia experimental canberra noise Canberra

There was this magical time in which we used a hell of a lot of speed here I the offices of yeah I know it sucks. And no matter what all the clean cut people say; we had a ball of a time! It makes you find adventures (trouble) and you will enjoy the most outrageous idiotic things. I remember the whole crew all ending up in front of a mirror shop display chatting to our reflection in the mirror through the glass how wonderful we looked! Hell, we fell in love with ourself! Which other thing does such a thing than speed?

Now a billion years later and toothless; this soeed ball rolls in on our desks. Shall we do it again? For good old time sake? Of course in a billion years we have grown up, learned so much, got families, children and bills to pay; we are now responsible adults so yes… of course we did it! The whole crew hitting the speed ball as if it was just a second ago that it was the last time that we had done it. This was a big mistake! As there our responsibilities vanished in a few seconds & we went on a roll around town. We even went to the zoo and unlocked all the cages! It’s outrageous but again a beautiful experience!

After this fest we probably need more speed to fulfill our life time opportunity to be a complete crew of idiotic fuckups! Each one of us took a hit, dubiously nicknamed by the provider with names like ‘positions’, ether, arc and 2. But even though the different names & us experiencing it as disoriented adults in our personal own ways; the effects had been quite hilarious… we became hooked again on speed, we broke up with our families, many tears and drama was involved but we didn’t even noticed any of it.. until we woke up together on a miraculously hard day at some rehab center in some far away country…

shall we try to contact our family and friends? Perhaps clean up our act and live the normal less adventurous life again? Hell no! We searched and searched & found the magic speed ball online, but this time we do the devil’s job & not only take it ourselves, but also want to share the speed with you people at home. Will you take it? Can you handle it? Come on, don’t resist the peer pressure & just be the tough person that you always pretended to be: life will change immediately! Come, take it… We dare you!

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