various artists – Noizemaschin​!​! London #15

Artists: various
Title: Noizemaschin​!​! London #15
Keywords: ambient electronic experimental noise Osborne Park

First we had a report about Noizemachin, London, but now thanks to Sam Gillies and James Ross we can actually present you with the actual audio content! Isn’t that great, the wonders of audio recording on the spot & quality mastering? I think it’s rather unique and magical as now we can either relive the event, or indeed hear it for the very first time.

The music starts with weselle who creates a beautiful soundscape of an ambient kind that made me think of being hot in the Sahara desert and dreaming of a oasis. It really sets the collection into an adventurous atmosphere, one that certainly doesn’t go away when Spiritwo sneaks into it. She uses her vocal abilities like only a cultural person with roots deeply inside of her would be able to do. She sings, she freaks and sings again! Making her set into an unbelievable exchange of words that come out of her mouth & modern day trickery!

How nice it is & how nice it was that the phenomenal performance got joined by this young group named False Idols. They knew how to improvise & how to create a wonderful layer of musical interaction with Spiritwo! But even on their own grounds they sounded like true intoxicating professionals, channeling through their music instruments a ambient scene unlike no other! Very charismatic and dreamy, live and on the spot, delivering a kind of wonderland in which you could dream by the act of simple listening!

Towards the marvelous end of their set a certain piece of poisonous poultry comes in, blurring the lines of good taste and bad taste into a very thin one. You cannot see it when hearing this music, but from a very good source we know that the chicken almost dropped all of his pants, almost showcasing by accident his wiener! Never knew chickens have wieners? Well thanks to reading this review you actually learned something! Towards the end of this material the very popular Iris Garrelfs joined in.

You can hear on the recording that Iris Garrelfs is a not called a natural treasure for nothing; she knows how to deal with things and how to improvise and make the most out of it. As a true professional she dealt with the tragic circumstances of a technical error & does not only deal with it, she also use the entire situation as a art-form! Iris Garrelfs made the most out of it, implemented the technical issue into her worldly performance, dealing with it where other (less dominant and less secured) artists would have been in big trouble; she was amazing! As you can hear, even with a bit of silence she recovered & took her worldly performance of words to the lime light! To me that is proof of someone being ultimately focused to deliver a great performance & with this in mind; you should definitely applaud her show as captured on this free downloadable live-release!

After this the album covers the music of Electric Elizabeth, a musical genius that knows no boundaries of the imagination! On this release you can hear what she could do with her imagination $ her special sound bucket. It is something you won’t even can come up with; how intriguing this art of sound sounds like! Think of the artist in serious concentration, carefully caressing her special bucket in all the best ways possible, creating a serious soundscape that many ambient & Noise super stars could learn from! Her sounds had been a great mix and match with the poetic audio arts as lively crafted by the duo named Blanc Sceol. You can hear on this release how well they blend their audio art into each other, how great their interaction is & also (not unimportant!) how they took over so respectfully and do it all on their own! Their set sounds ultimately intriguing, very hypnotic and also quite the cultural event of the release of live music. To me it felt like the music had so much more to offer than just music; it was art, poetry, the dark side of the moon converted in sound; you know: The big thing!

But all the way at the end, another master of the audio arts popped in. This time it’s Dave Webb to be the highlight of the release of live music experimentation! He somehow knew how to bring abstract sounds aka noises into a very hypnotic danceable form, something that truly overrules the need for techno to be the winner in the clubs, as Dave Webb’s audio art is probably even much more danceable than any boom, kick and clap together! When I enjoyed hearing this set live I just thought ‘wow’, there aren’t a lot of people who can intrigue so much with their abstract sounds & make it easy to pop in and enjoy the hell out of it as this sound genius! It was there that I though to become a fan of his work, but even listening back to it while almost sober; it still is and was a live recoding of a performance that deserves lots of praises and hard clapping hands at the end! What a night & what a amazing thing to be able to relive (or hear it for the first time!) it all over again! This rules!

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