The Noise Eating Monsters

Artist: The Noise Eating Monsters
Title: –
Keywords: dub experimental free improv funk garage music noise eating montsers rock squarepusher uk avant garde experimental music free jazz noise music noiserock space music Florida
Label: Muteant Sounds

Shit! I’ve been hanging out in London and can’t find anything that I like to go and hear & suddenly I stumble upon a release of excellent improvised cool music that’s basically recorded not far away (in this city!) from here! Shit! You know that feeling of pissing next to the pot? I’ve missed out on a great opportunity to hear and see this excellent group of monsters rocking out! What a shame! Shit, shit, shit! I hate it when that happens; but hey ‘shit’ happens & in this case this was the good shit! Monstrously shit even!

Luckily they have the recordings to proof it! What a magical togetherness of music makers, it’s almost unbelievable that they are improvising everything that you hear; they are so into each other, feeling each other like butter and cheese; they seem to belong together & have their heartbeats aligned together as otherwise I have no explanation how great The Noise Eating Monsters are sounding on this live record! Might it be some kind of voodoo magic?

Obviously I wasn’t there (yes , I rub it in a bit, so it hurts extra…) so I don’t really know how they look like, how monstrous heir faces have been & what kind of fingernails they had, but hearing it like this (without the visual distractions) is making my brain focus purely on the music. Their wicked, wicked, wicked music. Can I type ‘wicked’ one more time, please? Oh sure; wicked! Wonderful! It seems like Too Many Zooz with a heavy noise, hard rock, punk, impro funk , free jazz , groove, madness influences!

I don’t know what to say, it’s mad! It’s insanely good! Their rhythmic timings will automatically make your brain go freaky & the body goes instantly on automatic pilot as it transforms itself into a unstoppable kamikaze-dancer! This is so mad and it’s so good! Don’t know what to say other than damn glad that there is a recording & shit how shit it is that I’ve missed them. Was there audience allowed when they played?

The Noise Eating Monsters responsible for this amazing music consist out of two monsters named Alex (one on the drums, the other being a guitar god!) and a sax baritone player with the best & easiest to remember name ‘Tim Hill’. These are the ones that you shouldn’t miss out on when they play together, if they ever appear in your neighborhood or area you must go and see them! Otherwise you will be slightly sad to miss out on legends that fly nicely under the radar & yet are killing it in explosive good shape and form!

with all the monsters that they created live on stage, done in full improvisation mode, captured on this must-hear release… they certainly created a new monster! Wether this monster is the actual release, or me who turned into a instant fan who is hungry for more; it is a good question… But maybe if you heard this release you will become wildly excited too! We can be monster fans together, just lets prey that someone let’s us know when The Noise Eating Monsters are out to play again! Can’t wait to set my teeth into that! We might be so enthusiastic that we would scare the The Noise Eating Monsters! Ah, that would be a real shame; us screaming in our enthusiasm as if they are the Beatles in their heydays & we the high pitched monster groupies that faint in their presence! Maybe, to avoid the monsters to be distracted from creating great music, it might have actually been the best to have missed out on them as I’m sure this record over here would haven’t sounded as awesome as it now sounds! Although they might have just devoured my screams of appreciation, after all they are the noise eating monsters! Anyhow, they clearly rock out in psychedelic energetic ways on this brand new Muteant Sounds netlabel release & you should hear it! It’s Monstrously good!

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