Grey Pale Sinister – plexiglas

Artist: Grey Pale Sinister
Title: plexiglas
Keywords: experimental heavy metal lo-fi noise wtf? Champigny Sur Marne

Very rarely we receive music from artists that are made to be golden stars in the music business. Ones that shine among the dark corners of the underground, out-doing their colleagues by challenging the mental norm & giving their own cult of personality a platform. Grey Pale Sinister is one of them!

He is always making music of a very distinctive kind, very ‘grey pale sinister-like’ and quite bonkers in a dark sounding way. Occasionally we get send in fun private videos through the mail in which grey pale sinister plays his music live filmed with a strange camera angle, or a little email rant about why we never respond to our mails and when we going to write about another one of his masterful master pieces. Let’s say Grey Pale Sinister is full on & lives and breaths his music in all that he does. It’s quite clearly his life and truly passionate about it.

You should respect it as there are maybe many artists out there who don’t even dare to get their stuff out, especially when it’s so on a planet of its own. If you had never heard of Grey Pale Sinister, this album named ‘plexiglas’ might be a nice way to start checking the madness out. The thing is that even though obviously being mad as hell, the artist seemed to have gone in a more ‘positive’ sounding sound (compared to the artist’s more earlier works), it still sounds like a demon making music perhaps, but it is a positive demon who slightly seem to have implanted a uplifting feel of excitement within it’s grey palette of songs.

There are songs of singing, of extreme toxicity, of folkish elements, threatening throat sounds, little melodies to lift you up and humming vibrations of guitar noise and awkward drum rolls. It’s a strange melange that feels a bit like a party for dark hooded people, goblins, evil wizards and their admirers to go to. A place where they can indulge in toxic drinks, listen to the poetic nastiness, to noises that buzz and fuzz like a lively played full one-man-band-mad-house; it will be eating your brain away, but does it in such a way that you probably allow Grey Pale Sinister to do so. You will be surprised to find out that the music making grunting and mumbling monster of music shows more humanity than many other artists are able to bring within their music. It’s as if Grey Pale Sinister is more and more descending in the freedom that is within his own marvelous world of madness, and it shows very much in sound and feel on ‘plexiglas’.

It’s a excellent craziness, free from the norm and social obstruction of stiffness, rules and regulations; it feels as up as a downer could go & there is lots of energy to be excited about! Why not check out this release by this prominent character that lurks around in the underground, one of the few to have found his own style and sound. It’s bloody good excitement, mate!

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