Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet – Wisconsin Mining State

Artist: Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet
Title: Wisconsin Mining State
Keywords: industrial ambient sweden thet liturgiske owäsendet ambient dark ambient forwind Berlin

I was half asleep and tip toed through a state between dream and reality, this was the perfect mindset to get down with the music of Wisconsin Mining State by Thet Liturgiske Owäsendet. It simply was a good match, as slowly but surely & with a pretty fair amount of lovely sound-waves, the music seem to have made reality disappear. Replacing it with the sound of a place where once was a busy life and now it’s been silent and empty.

But just musically speaking; it made most things dissapear, but did replace it with substitutes for the things that had disappeared. For example, reality got exchanged for surreality. Silence got replaced by flowing sounds & music had been swapped for minimal abstraction of nostalgia.

Even wild actions like a wild adventure, flying high, jumping out of airplanes or eating cakes with too much sugar; they too had all been replaced. Not with exciting other options, but more with the acts of kindness, of shimmering the day away in laziness, of sweet afternoons in which we could stare at the pretty nothings on the wall. To hear the ghosts of industrialism, to take the tension in other words the sound of the Wisconsin Mining State is one of relaxation, of chilling out somewhere in a nowhere land of non existence.

It’s not a release with the sounds of a coal mine in action, there are no hardworking people recorded here, no sounds of digging for gold and crystals; it’s as if all the mines within the mining state had closed down & all the people had become a bit baked in the brain department. Nice and easy, floating away on audio waves that took everything away and replaced it with unmistakable chill out nothings. Anything to calm you down, anything to blow away the booming days of the mining business, now placed with empty streets, humble breaths of ambience and joblessness. And look… out of nothing a link appears:

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