aton – she

Artist: aton
Title: she
Keywords: Lobit, glitch, experimental
Label: 20kbps

This classic release on the Lobit motherland that is called 20kbps by aton sounds just as freshly excited as when it first came available a couple of thousands of years ago. With a prominent showcase of rhythmic underground showbizz-glitch ‘she’ simply seem to conquer the hearts of the adventurous music listener; a bit like a young goddess with a sweet little twisted side to her. She is loud and noisy, but also pretty much irresistible in the petite shapes and forms, bringing ‘she’ into an encounter that you would like to write home about.

With little beeps and peeps ‘she’ sets the trends back in the past, but also now in the very dodgy future. Wet sound loops that feel digital and yet as smooth as a overly damp kiss from Botox filled lips! It’s truly something of a glitch that makes me write all this; but somehow ‘she’ demands it from me. It’s good though as ‘she’ has so much to offer, all available in a short time phrase, for free, making it a ideal hearing activity for people with little minutes of leisure time & ofcourse no coins to spend.

There is a little love in there, a sniff of rhythm, a spoon full of electric sounds (noises!) to make the medicine go down. It’s perhaps tiny, but that’s why this release is such of an importance; it is remarkable how this work by aton single handedly not only changed and shaped the future; it is still bringing its influential Lobit glitch sounds within the future. Give it some love, or some hate; as the influencing controversial sounds that this release brings cuts on two sides of the audio spectrum:

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