Marina Tozzi – La Catastrofe Aggiuntiva

Artist: Marina Tozzi
Title: La Catastrofe Aggiuntiva
Keywords: Experimental, Bologna, Italy
Label: etched traumas

These sound structures are as abstract as abstract could be, going for tones that are like minimal sounds that hum and sing in their own distinctive ways. It made me hope that one day, the everyday normal day house appliances that have these annoying sound extras when connected to a electric socket (like a fridge or a buzzing air-conditioning ) will be sounding like the structures as showcased here by Marina Tozzi; life would be sound-wise so much more pleasant!

Things are warm, sounds are nice & non disturbing. There are no headaches, nothing that is painful or hurting the marbles of your brain. There is no need for heavy thinking, for solving difficult music pictures with your mind; it’s just comfy abstract sound that will wave nicely along in the background.

The tracks here do fly by a bit quick, but that (I presume) is a sign of them being pleasant listening material. I wouldn’t mind to hear them on repeat, to create a comfortable sound ambiance to find some nice brewing harmony in. Marina Tozzi makes it all into a nice case of sound exposure, even the last final (more busier) sounding bit is one of a excellent kind.

Talking about ‘kind’, these tracks are all available for free, making it a possibility to keep a full wallet (if such a thing exist & if you had one!) full & have the great opportunity to hear what I’m writing about. Now only if the big bosses behind those noisy fridges, air conditioning systems, stand by televisions, heaters, etc would find a way to exchange their annoying noises & replace them with the good quality sounds of Marina Tozzi: life would be perfect! Or at least a bit more perfect…

Sound perfection is certainly a good thing.: Maybe if it’s technically not possible to get rid of these electric appliance noises, maybe they could somehow add the sounds of this release to them, hopefully being able to absorb the others… I don’t know, but with abstract sounding music from Marina Tozzi it’s clear that it triggers the mind into the one of someone with solutions. So let’s hope the right people will hear this release & that they too get inspired enough to get to work!

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