Peter J. Woods & Andrew Weathers – A Whole New Alphabet

Artists: Peter J. Woods & Andrew Weathers
Title: A Whole New Alphabet
Keywords: andrew weathers experimental keiji haino peter j woods spoken word avant-garde electro-acoustic experimental rock noise Pennsylvania
Label: Flag Day Recordings

Ouch! Yep, here we go again! Doing some self mutilation by applying this new album by Peter J. Woods & Andrew Weathers to the ears. It’s not so much the actual content that is a tormenting, it’s the high tones that are used within this work; they really like to ring like high pitched dog whistles on repeat, but unlike dog whistles, it’s in a range that we as humans are still able to hear. Luckily there is lots of other sounds of noise and music going on within it, offering perfect distraction of the fact that these fine producers are working hard to make even the most die-hard listener a tiny bit more deaf than normal.

But still is the tormented case of extra hearing damage worth it? Maybe! Depending on your goals in life, perhaps you can use a little bit less ability to hear things? Or you just like the kinds of noises as produced over here so much that it’s just irresistible to not go through it. It does sound trippy if you listen to the bigger picture of the happening, kindly directing the strokes of a raw guitar here and there, some fuzzy hiss and some tonal warmth for bubbling bliss. There is even a kind and warm voice to be discovered, saying things to you like a romantic poet of comfort, like a friendly ringmaster in between the madness.

Things go a bit more next level in the loudness department, not only giving the high tones a platform, but also gives space for a more rawer case of guitar noises to set some delirious scene. It made me feel like having a really long neck to stick my head in a very misty poisonous cloud. Can’t see anything but toxic colors and can’t smell anything than toxic fumes. It’s pretty magic but all beauty like this is comes with a precious health hazard. Brace yourself for a slightly hard hearing future & probably getting sick from musical toxicity.

Luckily the same music transforms as a nurse, nursing our tortured souls with pleasant moments of sound harmonics, rolling them out as a bed to relax in and feel better with. Not too long though, because Peter J. Woods & Andrew Weathers always seem to like to push their (and our) limits, by waving around the concept of pain and pleasure, good health and care & poisonous harmful intoxicating.

But the second part of the lengthy set on this album, the case of ‘there was light’ is a much kinder affair. There is darkness too within this track, but it does feel much more like the soundtrack for a sunshine appreciation, something less going on in the high pitched noise zone as it is focusing more on the beautiful side of them two playing together. At times creating really nice atmospheric zones that even makes life sounding a bit more pleasant; perhaps this is the reason to get through the rough bit as it’s a bit like a reward; after rain comes the sun, but than in experimental music form… maybe all sounds so nice because of the actual hearing damage as applied earlier at the start of their session, but still they provide the right intensity to get us on our toes at certain times. It’s a difficult session but it certainly has a mixture of everything to be digestible and listenable (as far as the ears will allow you to do so…)

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