Daina and the Tribe – Movie Show

Artists: Daina and the Tribe
title: Movie Show
keywords: CBGB, smooth, jazz, live music, video

Let’s chat a bit about the famous CBGB; the place that was once the place to be. If you shoved your nose into books written about the heydays of punks in which all of it had started to become a bit too popular, you will see CBGB popping up. I know it was the place in which Blondie performed, but I do not really know what CBGB stands, or stood for. I presume something dirty and raunchy; perhaps something like Cock Balls Gay Bullocks, but then again it wouldn’t really surprise me if it was indeed referring to something completely else. Maybe I should have done a search for it on Wikipedia, but I haven’t had enough ‘care’ in my body to do so. I’m sure anyone with an interest in the place would be able to google it up by themselves, right?

Anyway, this CBGB has been a famous venue that people might have given credit, for being the birthplace of New York’s rock and roll, funk, spunk & punk scene. Maybe it was, maybe it wasn’t. I presume the real birthplace was out of sight, in someone’s dodgy basement, but still the fame of this place has been traveling overseas, ending up in movies, glorified in literature and showcased in (thanks for that!) picture books. If you had played there, you must have been good! Or at least, you had been worthy to do so!

To cut the story short (by making it even a lot longer…) if you had played there you are a part of a fruitful historic history in music land. One of the lucky ones (or was CBGB the lucky one?) is Daina and the Tribe, who did not only played there at the highlight of the scene, but also miraculously have a video recording of a part of this gig! How very interesting, as now we could not only experience a bit how it would feel to be inside this legendary CBGB, but we could also taste and hear the music performance by Daina and the Tribe.

Daina and the Tribe is a mouth full, but Daina (according to her lengthy biography) is one of New York’s legendary icons. Let me quote one sentence so you know that Daina isn’t just some punk who had knocked down the door:

“Daina Shukis received a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Dance/Drama from New York University as well as studying voice and specialized in writing her own musical and vocal accompaniment for her choreography”.

Let me quote another interesting part to get you excitedly informed:

“Daina has sung for “Sesame Street” animations for children’s television and performed for many years with her own band “Daina and the Tribe” in the New York City area at such notable clubs as the Bottom Line (opening for James Cotton), The Lone Star (opening for Jaco Pastorious), CBGB’s and many others. Her song “Long John Silver” was incorporated into a play at the La Mama theatre in which Daina had a role as “Baby Doll”and choreographed the presentation.”

…In other words, Daina has been working hard and has a massive Curriculum attached to her name. I love it that she has sung for Sesame Street animations, probably more than the fact that she played CBGB, but hey, we got to go with what we have and are given!

Daina and her band live in CBGB; how does it make me feel? It makes me feel like I’m seeing stars!
I mean the quality of the video recording and the lighting on the CBGB stage with Daina and the Tribe Movie Show is something like an out-of-this-world appearance. Daina is dressed in a dress, matching shoes and gloves and hits enthusiastically her hips on the right rhythm. The Tribe surrounds her as she shines on stage in the glowing middle point of attention, showcasing her choreography and artistic skills to hook the audience with. She sings with her distinctive voice, while the band lays out some big rolling beats and funky guitar riffs that feel spontaneous and danceable groovy. When she bends backwards at the final notes of the song, a well-deserved roaring CBGB crowd roars with from pure excitement.

You could immediately understand that whoever attended this venue had acquired a fine taste of music, and by cheering so happily, they have given Daina and the Tribe a big thumps up! Who am I to disagree? I think it’s a blessing to be able to take a sneak peek inside the CBGB, check out the good vibes and be able to sneak out again without any ripped clothes or any other trouble. So I say ‘thank you’ for Daina and her The Tribe, but also thank you for whoever had managed to record this and had placed it on youtube; it’s been interesting!
Here folks, let me share this video here with you, it’s part of our music history so educate yourself:

It happens that Daina has lots of music to sell, historic recordings evens!
So if you are hot for that, feel very free to visit her website and browse, buy, watch and hear whatever you fancy!

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  1. Thank you for a heart felt review, surely appreciated! CBGB Omfug, Hilly Crystal (proprietor) was a jazz fan, he did give me advice on occasion. The full name is CBGB & OMFUG which stands for “Country Bluegrass Blues and Other Music For Uplifting Gormandizers.

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