Mozort Omodeus Boch – Piano works

Artist: Mozort Omodeus Boch
Title: Piano works
Keywords: piano, acoustic, Mozort Omodeus Boch, 8ravens, 8 kbps, lo-bit
Label: 8Ravens

The expression ‘when the cat is away, the mice will be dancing on the table’ sometimes will be turned around. For example in the case of Mozort Omodeus Boch’s Piano Works over here; this was a case of when the actual mice had buggered off so the cat could dance on top of the table. In case it isn’t entirely clear; Mozort Omodeus Boch is literally a cat, a music cat that perhaps not entirely danced on top of the table when the mice had gone away, but does jump on top of the piano and play undisputedly with the black piano keys. Mozort is a true pianist who doesn’t like them ‘whites’.

Mozort Omodeus Boch, the cat you probably never had heard about is one of these sheltered hidden animal artists out there. I had met him while he was living as a pet in a friend’s house and befriended this feline talent instantly. I had heard this cat play and told Mozort that he should record some of his works. Unfortunately Mozort Omodeus Boch is incredibly shy, so it took perhaps months before this cat was brave enough to record such a home-alone session. The ‘Piano works’ is the ultimate proof that cats like Mozort can play the piano & sometimes just need to be lifted from the burdens of chasing mice and being house pets, so to be able to focus on letting their artistic skills come out.

This is the cat’s debut album and is kindly released by the always upfront and honest netlabel 8Ravens, a label who specializes not only in bravery, but is also known to see talent when it arrives and to be the only one who is specifically specialized in that fine 8kbps Lobit sound. That sound is the perfect combination to bring out the best possible warmth out of Mozort Omodeus Boch’s piano works. To give this (previously) unknown artist the artist support and launch its career straight into the upper realms of approval, the debut album gets a special treat at the end with a Covolux remix, one that maybe blurs out the black keys and add some little whiteness to it. More the whiteness that is seen in the clouds than piano keys perhaps, but the result is pretty warm and calm.

I hope you will enjoy the music by this cat named Mozort Omodeus Boch and the bonus remix, & I’m sure Mozort Omodeus Boch will hope you will like it too. He is now purring on my lap, trying to pretend to be a average house cat, but even though I stroke him… I know after this debut album things simply won’t be the same again!
Check it out and listen to this cat on the piano keys:

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1 Response to Mozort Omodeus Boch – Piano works

  1. linda says:

    prrrprrrr lovely! So intimate and calming ❤

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