Surfdrone – Surfdrone II

Artist: Surfdrone
Title: Surfdrone II
Keywords: experimental harsh noise harsh noise wall noise power electronics United Kingdom

Surfdrone is all about the crackles, they crackle and they crackle some more; always crackling as if you have a unlimited amount of crispy crisps that you could squeeze with your hand endlessly so they crackle along as long as you could imagine. It’s nice to hear those crackles, as they make you feel like you will never starve when having the munchies; the sound of crispy crisps being crunched is tricking the mind in such a way that it feels like your stomach has been fulfilled with those potato snacks until it’s perfectly full and satisfied.

Surfdrone makes me happy in this case, as I always have the munchies but my stomach isn’t big enough to eat forever these snack worthy salty belly fillers. It’s like eating, without filling you up, crackling enough to trick the mind that it’s full of crunchy bits, while actually there isn’t anything inside (not counting the amounts of alcoholic liquid beverages). The release is not going for the sound of one crispy crisp at the time, but is about the sound of munching whole bags at once! It’s a heavy kind of crackling sensation, but definitely most satisfying in the munch sensation.

This might be the second Surfdrone to date that my ears are eating, but the tackling sensation sounds so confident that it feels as if Surfdrone had done these kind of audio creations for thousands of years, really being able to feed me what I want and my brain needed to hear to be tricked! Do you want to munch on thousands of crisps at the same time without actually eating them? Try this one out:

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