Machinefabriek – BECOMING

Artist: Machinefabriek
Keywords: dance score experimental inne iván pérez ambient electronica experimental electronic field recordings noise soundtrack Rotterdam

The music by Machinefabriek is well known, with a world-wide fan base the producer has a whole army of loyal sound lovers as prominent listeners. The pressure that comes with the fame might be up and brewing, but Machinefabriek’s music seems to be unimpressed by it all, giving birth to one amazing album after another. Yet with BECOMING it seemed to go into a whole new level of brainwave stimulating perfection, grabbing its fans as well as the newbies who discover the works of Machinefabriek for the very first time something that sounds utterly outer worldly.

With extreme care in synthesized emotion the Machinefabriek creates a soundscape to escape in, one in which nature and a future of electronics go hand in hand with impressive waves of sound that keeps everyone floating in a wonderful suspense between beauty and emotion. With the ability to fade reality and smuggle its listeners into the wonderful world of Machinefabriek, pretty hypnotic listening adventures are promised and delivered. Melodies that seem to roll in circles of rhythm and synthesized manipulation as tools, Machinefabriek brings the minds into smiley atmospheres in which you feel like you had smoked a big spliff even if you haven’t exactly touched one in your entire life.

Somehow with technology Machinefabriek has captured the pulses and acts of a nature wrapped in a psychedelic movement that you can’t and don’t want to move away from. The chapters within BECOMING seem to come and go, keeping up the pressure and attention abilities to the fullest of amount, creating some kind of blissful movie for the mind to be fully endorsed in. One in which operatic singing gorgeousness goes side by side with blossoming electronica. It made me quietly meditate on these very pretty mellow (and exciting!) sounds of wonder.

Machinefabriek’s fame and glory are now more than ever justified, as with such a wonderful creation attached to this producer’s discography the bar of intriguing trip music is set so high that you would have a difficult job to find anything to top it. Even when BECOMING gets noisier, more nastier and experimental Machinefabriek keeps its head up high, delivering the noises in such a way that even people who normally wouldn’t enjoy any of ‘that’, would now be able to find the joy in hearing such a collage of grittiness. In other words this record can only be shortly described as; sublimely amazing!

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