Atrium – A Beckoning Candle

Artist: Atrium
Title: A Beckoning Candle
Keywords: classic rock & roll
reviewer: Willem van O.

In all honesty; i didn’t hear the full album, just a couple of the tracks, but enough to get a idea of A Beckoning Candle. This album by Atrium is something that someone like me probably need to experience being played live and on the spot, other than just over here on my sarcastic deadly ease. It’s sometimes best to get emerged by something in a special setting in which everyone is into it, not alone with a purring cat on the lap armed with a lame pair of headphones…

The songstress sings with a voice that is sharp and pushy, alone or with a layered group of voices paired as the backdrop & the music seems to jingle along like a rowing boat that needs to paddle hard to go forward through the stormy river. I do not know if my canoe is strong enough to go against the stream or just float along with it, but I do think it’s always worth to try things out. The voice is making me think of someone throwing people out of the way in the supermarket, it’s the kind of power that I respect and yet am a bit worried about.

In reality the tracks that I had heard made me feel like I was listening to candid country western ballads but than done with a certain classic rock twist. It happens from time to time & when it does there is always some resistance within my personal body. It’s not that I don’t respect it or find it unlikable, it’s just too far away from my own comfort zone. Yet again I couldn’t stop hearing it as well. Once I had a traumatic rock & roll experience & from there the symptoms of being afraid for it had gone down the hill. So me being wary of it is a personal thing, still it’s always good to try, to push yourself to the limits of musical compatibility. One person would reckon that it would be a thing like climbing to the top of the Mount Everest and others like me will say ‘to conquer your fears’ is like listening to music that you have illogical relations with.

But even though It’s not entirely my thing, there is no way in the world that I would be able to sing like the powerful singer or even play such a good backdrop as the musicians in this band manage to do. You got to bow down to them and their style, as what you don’t get, might be incredible good or brave. It’s like when they gave the music of aphex twin to random people in the street and nobody really seemed to get it & now his music is in movies, advertisements and probably accepted by all of society. Besides there is actually a gigantic market for classic rock & roll and I’m sure they would love this band till bits. It might sell better than the fruits at the fruit stable!

In any case this band plays away with a guitar and a bass, voice and drum. they perform away like they have no other choice than doing so. It’s as if they have formed a tight pact together which represents the music & no matter what; they have to shove it down your throat! And no matter what, I had kept on listening, mumbling away in myself like a unstable weirdo that needed to hear what it was about, even though it being a different kind of tea than the usual one that I would normally sip away on. In any case It made me sit up and listen.. Even the ballads that I had heard are the material that made me feel like I needed to peel my wrists with potato peelers; it might be a slow process, but for sure gets the job done. Slowly peel after peel, my heart was melting , getting closer to conquer my fears for this particular kind of music. I might say that I got used to it… maybe I felt their positive power in their art of creating and rocking out on it; it was pretty good…

It was me forgetting about the time that I had to ride a pony and eat hamburgers, and slowly I seemed to ignore an overdose of ‘the carpenters’ that had tortured me as a child … atrium’s music slowly but surely had managed to put their thumps upon my personal traumatic rock and roll moments and squeezed them almost out as if it was a pimple ready to be popped! The jingling guitar and the songs did very much grow on me & that’s a thing nobody should be able to take for granted. If classic rock and roll is your thing ‘Atrium’ will be up your alley, if not; be brave and accept the challenge!

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