Borisov + Salnikov – Hackney Attic 015

Artists: Borisov + Salnikov
Title: Hackney Attic 015
Keywords: electronic experimental improvisation noise techno United Kingdom

Borisov + Salnikov are in for giving you the best treat that you will receive all day! A mega lively production of human techno noise! It’s got everything to wake you up, from extremities to wildly inducing vocals that will make you feel like you are at a demonstration of the future of underground party music with an anarchistic twist. It beeps and freaks loud enough to disturb your neighbors, might pop the ears at certain times, but feels like it’s all part of the plan! With a flow of druggy electric rhythms it’s the sane-insane material to keep your body moving in spaced out groovy ways.

I wonder if the roof of the attic in Hackney (where this session took place) didn’t blow off & away, as Borisov + Salnikov seems to have been on fire, they certainly didn’t dance around the bush, but danced straight into it! It has that youthful rebellious sound of an early Beasty Boys thing, but without the rapping & with a hell lot more penetrating noises that had been laid out as a whole arsenal of deafeningly good friends! This stuff might be nasty at times, but it’s nonstop urge for change without killing the vibe, is a real pleasure to endure. It’s exciting music material, one that let you feel the fire burn inside and your hairs go up out of pure energetic interest!

Things can be monstrous, with sounds that will pulverize skin and bones, but the duo keeps it all under control and move along at all the right moments. They are obviously easily bored and bring as much excitement to the noisy table as possible! It will ensure that the music will be grabbing you for a fair amount of mutual energy exchange! One in which experiment and liveliness are the keywords of success & friendship and you will (probably) enjoy every second of it! And if not? I did it for you!

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