Orphan Goggles – The Middle Part of a Worm; Squirming

artist: Orphan Goggles
Title: The Middle Part of a Worm; Squirming
Keywords: butt core

Energy blast Itself in the air as the Orphan Goggles pop in to bring their best ‘system of a down’ hook to cut a worm in half with. Why they don’t use a knife I wonder? But with the sounds of these goggles these thoughts are vanishing in rapid form. Other, more bizarre poetic farts of sound consumption come in: They seem to be able to split this worm in no time and go violently happy at work taking the insides out for further study of their unfortunate subject. Inside it they clearly find the useful intestines, mud and sand to deliver a whole feast of wild music.

They spread them out like a bunch of mad scientists that roar with every possible finding. They subject the inside of the worm to a firm tournament of torture. They cut it up like a bunch of addicts and snort it all up in order to create some kind of a beast of an album. Their study object completely destroyed by their sniffing nostrils that vibrate roaring riffs that would seduce other worms to come up in a state of shock and wonder. Once they stick their little heads out of the ground these Orphan Goggles snatch them up before they can even realize why the hell is going on. There they cut them in halves again with their deliciously raw hooks, emptying their contents on the table for a more grandiose project of music creation.

Like wild bears they stamp on their fluids, mixing it up with the stench of super glue and flames from a loud hammering pair of drumsticks. They make their study subjects into a pulverized form, ready enough for further consumption; squeezing out their newest powers for the greater goods of music creation. The Orphan Goggles seem to be in their complete element while inhaling the middle parts of their squirming victims, smiling psychopathically as they get higher into their own zone of noise creation.

Nobody else other than these Orphan Goggles had found out about the magical intoxicating abilities of the worm’s middle parts. Nobody else had gone through such extensive lengths to explore these creatures for their infuriating possibilities to create strength out of their weakness. Nobody else had known that there was so much power in these worm creatures to go so berserk and loopy with! They become their own monster of Frankenstein by subjecting themselves in the greatest parts of pure worm consumption. You can hear them on a roll, blasting out fumes out of their ears as fire shoots out of their assholes! No one might have known that there was such a power to be discovered, except perhaps now thanks to Orphan Goggles releasing their results into a release available for all who wishes to hear it!

If you are a worm reading this; please be afraid and go into hiding as from now on everyone wants a piece of you! Meth heads would dig you up and try to consume you without the knowledge that these Orphan Goggles have. As even though cutting a live worm in the middle sounds like an easy thing to do, the whole process to create wild beasts from it is a much refined process that only Orphan Goggles know it’s secrets. For now I presume that listening to the results of their experience and experimentations should be enough to hype you up in most obnoxious ways. So put on those Orphan Goggles and get hyped up by their visionary wildness of ‘all or nothing’ butt core music!

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