Rmine – Radio Ordinary

Artist: Rmine
Title: Radio Ordinary
Keywords: Chillout, Lo-fi, Downtempo, Lounge
Label: Sirona-Records http://www.sirona-records.com

This is a hot chill out album in which you will feel like you need to put on some lighter sexier clothes in order to deal with it. It’s the music for romance, for love making and sexual nights with enough sensuality to get you in the mood for an intimate time of body to body exploration. With rhythms to follow for sexy acts of love making, it’s a trigger and a guide at the same time, really being the ideal atmospheric foreplay in music form.

If the album was a condom, it would be one with featherlight delighted extras for extra erotic stimulation & if it was a night in on itself; it would be an evening in which intense love making would proceed to make all partners involved see stars! Even the spirit of the spaceman himself (David Bowie) would come down to spread some sensual flavors to the mix, resulting in a bed whose mattress springs would crackle from the acts that happen on top of them.

There might be not a lot more to say over here, just that if you need ear stimulation to get a romantic situation started; this album is by definition the perfect choice! Besides it’s absolutely free, so more money to get some candlelight up, some flower petals on the floor and perhaps a glass of bubbles… whatever you do, it’s all good!


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1 Response to Rmine – Radio Ordinary

  1. Danny says:

    Hm, track Radio Ordinary doesn’t seem very sexy.
    This album sounds very atmospheric and cozy, yes, but I’m not sure sexy is the best description

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