Space Opera Zoo – Mental Infrastructure

Artist: Space Opera Zoo
Title: Mental Infrastructure
Keywords: noise/synth
Label: Shannon’s Belly Recordings

It’s weird to say that something grabs you, but in this case I would like to tell you that this music done by Space Opera Zoo certainly grabbed me. Not at all at places I didn’t wanted to be grabbed, but it grabbed me through my ears in a mental way. It was the irresistible sounds of bleeping sounds that smells of old school gamer’s nostalgia & also had hit that sensitive share of distortion. I really love distortion; from when I was young till when I got old; distortion was & still is the thing that always gets me excited. Space Opera Zoo also manages to put some dope beats down and a hip hop rhyme & geez; it feels like it’s a birthday present as it truly kicks my lama’s ass!

With melodies that are happier than anything else that’s going on at the moment & that hard punch of daring to go into the red zones of audio mixing, the Space Opera Zoo truly seemed to be able to rule the book of awesomeness over here! I see it as the music version of that special drink that Asterix would drink when he needed to kick some Roman ass; it works instantly, empowering and happy-making goodness at the right moment! Jolly goodness I love this shite!

‘An Empty Tunnel’ is the last free ride as uploaded on the SoundCloud EP & even the deranged vocals can’t put the fun down! If anything they seem to add to the whole goodness of it all! Lively and chip tune distorted action material that is happy to kick your ass until you dig it like the idiot over here at YIKIS (that idiot is me!). I don’t know about you but this music by Space Opera Zoo can grab me anytime!


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