Worn – Feminist

Artist: Worn
Title: Feminist
Keywords: drone, experimental, techno, industrial, Berlin
reviewer: Willem van O.

The Feminist by Worn is not a worn out person with hairs on its teeth, it’s by far one of the stronger releases of sound available for your ears. This Feminist is bloated with self confidence, power and a fist raised high upon the sky. This is a feminist that knows what it wants and doesn’t let anyone eat it’s slice of cheese from it’s plate. With this feminist no means clearly no and yes means clearly yes. It’s a determent feminist ready for action and a will that knows what it wants and needs.

Nobody can tell this feminist what to do as this is the kind of feminist that can bloody take care of itself. This feminist is as a rising strong front that can’t care less of man spreading, it is walking with full power over the audio grounds for a big presence to be reckoned with. Worn’s feminist is a force of strength, going forward without taking any step backwards.

The Feminist is fully developed to be at it’s best, going for a presence that you can be in awe with and admire, to sneak some of its strengths off to become a tiny bit more bold in your search for courage. Worn’s feminist is like a cool deity to be looked upon with praise, one that you can respect and cherish as it’s going wherever it wants & nobody can stands in it’s way. This Feminist is cold as ice & no flames are too hot to melt it in any way. This feminist nails its toughness with every track that it is made off, giving a great example what the ultimate Feminist is all about without suggesting it with words or sentences.

This Feminist makes you want to forget what feminists are about as seen in the media, reestablish what it means to be one & you feel that you got to respect it in any way possible. Anyone interest in hearing the Feminist by Worn is invited, but don’t do anything that the feminist isn’t pleased about when strolling through it as these killer tracks might as well kill you if they aren’t pleased. Worn’s feminist is a force to be reckoned with!


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