YIKIS music digest #2 ‘Music to spend your money on’

Today in our second segment of where to spend your money on, we take a peek at a collection of female artists that had been recently been brought to our attention. In no particular order we checked their commercially available music pieces out & wrote a small opinion piece on each of them. It looks more professional (the writing here..) than it actually is. Enjoy!

Artist: Caroline Duke
Title: Lovers and Madmen
Keywords: electro pop

Caroline Duke is sounding like the more positive sister of someone like doom pop’s favorite Lana Delray. Her voice and style of singing sounds just as strong and epic, yet there is a less sinister tone to it, perhaps it’s because Caroline has a more lighter soul or perhaps she did not experience a mind bruising from a suicidal champagne drinking mission. Whatever it is that makes her sounding more as if she stands a bit closer on the brighter side of life, the songs that she brings are still charismatically brought as if the world had been on fire for a while & our rubber safety boat (in the middle of the ocean) is slowly sinking… still she has that glimpse of hope in her voice, as if a new island full drinkable water and tasty fruit will soon be discovered & we will somehow be saved!

Artist: Charissa
Title: I Got My Girls
Keywords: country
Website: http://thisischarissa.com

Maybe Caroline Duke didn’t go on a wine binge, but Charissa certainly did! And she has the music video to proof it! With a pleasant voice Charissa sings a actual well written song, with strong memorable lyrical lines like “a cowboy just knows what to do” and indeed the final one that also is the actual title of this song ‘I Got My Girls’.
It seems to be about that no matter what happens in the male department, Charissa always has her girl friends to hang out with, have fun, drink, laugh and cuddle. The music video captured the girls friendship and the theft of two wine bottles out of a bar. Let’s hope that the bar owners don’t see the clip as they might come and chase these girls with the bill.


Artist: Kye the Artist
Album: Ethereal
Keywords: soundtrack, pop, soul, singer songwriter
Website: http://www.musicbykye.com

This Kye the Artist is something else, very unique and different. Build a castle on the dance floor – take my hand – every step I take – is a work of art… these are some of the fine lines on one (Elan Vital) of her songs that intrigued me the most. One that comes with a straightforward jolly marching groove in electronica and has Kye the Artist sing over it in riddles with a vocal style that had not passed my ears before. Very original if I may say so. She seems to be one of the artists that has a more adventurous appetite in experimentation, musically & vocal wise. If I had money she would be my choice to invest a bucket full of coins in!


Artist: COBURG
title: The Enchantress
Keywords: Gothic/Symphonic Rock
Website: http://coburgband.com/

COBURG is not an actual single female solo artist, but it’s a band fronted by one. Her name is Anastasia Coburg, which is a great explanation where the COBURG bandname had came from. She delivers strong haunting vocals with dark gothic tones, over symphonic metal rock that might get your hair flapping in the wind & your pants a bit wet from peeing inside of it. It is a great album for darker moods, great for Halloween, thoughts of doom or just a life style commitment to strong gothness. It is a forceful album with memorable tunes, full of power and energy that might come out to scratch you! COBURG rocks!

Artist: Becktoria
Title: Becktoria
Keywords: pop
Website: http://www.becktoria.com/

The future sound of the very moment has found its way with Becktoria. Her music sounds squeaky clean in the electric department, haunting with all the top notch production skills to make it one that will fit in with the new generation of pop music. She is originally from Burma but educated in England, which probably explains why she has that modern day sound that supports her vocal style so supportively. Her music seem to come with videos that are also state of the art material, making me feel as if we have fallen into a modern side of society in which we should fly on hover boards and go to work in spaceships. The voice of Becktoria is the thing that keeps the soul intact, giving her music that human likable touch; she sings passionately and strong like a born star ready to conquer the charts with pure quality.

Artist: Candy Rose
Title: The Best – EP
Keywords: pop, RnB, popera (pop meets opera) , EDM
Website: http://www.icandyrose.net/

Candy Rose is ‘the best’, as she writes and sings her songs in ways that they manage to sound good in all genres. She proofs this with this EP in which she explores one single song in a style she describes as popera, R&B, the club mix and one that specifically caters the crowd at the local gay bar! She certainly doesn’t need YIKIS to tell her how good she is as she had received so many excellent words of praise from all over the world; even more proof that by hopping her music in all kinds of genres and styles, she certainly knows how to please all kinds of music lovers. I’m waiting for a harsh noise version to give her all my blessings and support, but I’m sure Candy Rose is already on the case!

That’s all folks! For now at least!

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