Electric Teeth – Acid

Artist: Electric Teeth
Title: Acid
Keywords: acid. experimental acid techno ambient gabber noise noise techno techno Jacksonville

There is nothing better to hear than someone neurotically banging its head against the wall, while someone else spanking it’s buttocks with a flat out hand. The combo of head crushing repetitive bangs and those hard hand claps slapping the meat cheek by cheek is great, Especially when the banging and spanking are in the good willing relationship of a fine load of acid. This is the sound of a alternative marriage that will last, or at least will infect you some way or another.

Lately I’ve been having free rides with visual ocular migraines & let me tell you; it’s a bit like having the magical abilities to see auras & the colors are… acidic! Somehow I had to mention this here, had to sneak it in, as I was really hoping for such a visual disturbance while enjoying the bangs, slaps and bubbly sounds within this release. I guess, the only option to have such a visual thing on demand is indeed… acid.

Luckily (by lack of eye stimulants) this release is comfortable drained enough in audio acid moments, ones that seem to morph into abstract noises thatwill be druggy enough to make you feel like you are pretty much wasted and the normal eye sight is the only possible thing to be able to hold onto your reality: A reality in which a face gets to bang the wall and it’s bare buttocks are hit by a bare hand! If that’s your cup of tea, something you are into; why not hire the A-team… ? uh, I mean; why not checking this release out:

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