Sivan Cohen Elias – EVE & ADINN

Artist: Sivan Cohen Elias
Title: EVE & ADINN
Keywords: eps experimental dark electronics experimental female noise objects opera political vocal woman Chicago

This is a strangeness created by Sivan Cohen Elias in which it feels like an authentic experiment in radio play. What this play is exactly about; I haven’t the slightest idea, but that might be the whole conceptual purpose of it. There is an explanation written on the official release page, but somehow I like to enjoy it like a clueless soul that has no idea what’s going on, it’s a tool to see if it’s digestible without peeking into concepts and ideas.

From the start we can hear a moment in which we are at a court house, one in which the judge bangs its hammer and shouts the place into ‘order’. But nobody seems to be listening to the orders of the judge (thank goth for that!) as ‘music’ wise this goes into ways and directions that seem to have no orderly intentions at all. Not that it is a mess, as it certainly isn’t; it’s just a bit above my head what it is that is going on, or tries to express.

I guess it’s a story of some abstract kind, one spoken in the language that is ‘sound’, probably kept in a state of mystification to keep the listener’s brain activity triggered and active. Sometimes it made me think that it was about some kind of virtual reality, a place ran by artificial intelligence who had gone a bit berserk in mental conversations with itself. It’s a bit creepy in a way, as it made me think of that robot named Sophia who just gained citizenship of Saudi Arabia after joking that it would destroy the human race…

That Sophia is real but the work here are clearly sounds for the imagination, ones that are one by one passing the revue, one in which voices and squeaks can be heard, rambling out loud like a strange after birthday party in which only the rambling robot was left to whistle a flute or stumble over a strategically placed guitar. It made me feel out of place, manipulated into new shapes or forms, leveling up for the modern search for equality between robot and humanoid. I don’t really understand it, but that probably means that this release had done its job!


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