Heejin Jang – Trouble in the Camp

Artist: Heejin Jang
Title: Trouble in the Camp
Keywords:electronic experimental avant-garde experimental indie rock noise psychedelic rock synth United States
Label: Doom Trip

Unleashed on the special day of spookiness, the one that people named ‘Halloween’ are the fearful sounding spooky sounds from ‘Trouble in the Camp’ by Heejin Jang. It is best to hear it in complete darkness with the sound up loud and yourself hiding underneath a blanket of comfort. This music will bring out the shimmering demons of the night, the creepy crawlers & the audio ghouls that hammer their wooden sticks of magic in fierce-full depths, ready to haunt you for some poisoned candy.

Some of them come across cold and slimy, as if the ghosts of the many snails you have stepped on all throughout your life had now come to scare the hell out of you for a good old-time case of revenge. Cold as ice and yet warm; these sounds fill the room like a gas that’s filled with empty eyed deities. Covering your head like a blanket full of spooky presence, ready to trick or treat you with your fears.

When they disappear the crispy sound of creepy meat eating worms, hungry lice and soul munching termites might come in to give you the creeps. At first it’s fine, but once they found the entrance to your head by munching themselves in through the ears, things might become a little painful; harsh noises will start dissolving your brain into a torn mess, a state that might banish the ability to hear beauty. Or is it just a illusion?

Strange laughter can be heard, along with left over banging on wooden doors, quick disturbing movements running over the floor, and a crying baby who is obviously not there;this is the soundtrack of a haunted place, one that is intimate and close ranged; providing enough material to hold onto your heart for. Still, even though it’s creepiness, there are lots of creatures to be heard here that are intriguing, special ones that even though not placable, are interesting to say the least. For example; The sound of wet silly sausages squeezing themselves into your ears… it isn’t unpleasant at all!

For the last part of the trouble, a electric brewing vibe seems to fill up the troubled camp. One that sounds dark and full decay; it’s the sound of a certain emptiness that is full, one that will scare us to death when it suddenly leaves us hanging like a true cliff-hanger. No fade-out, no happy ending; just gone as if someone had quickly pulled the plug; its pretty terrifying when that happens!

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  1. Feminatronic says:

    Reblogged this on Feminatronic and commented:
    I came across Heejin Jang – Binary Breath via YIKIS last year and was interested to hear this new release. On listening, it’s excoriating…but in a good way.

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