Wetwe Feat. Tatyana Kalmykova – Okoloreki

Artist: Wetwe Feat. Tatyana Kalmykova
Title: Okoloreki
Keywords: electronic experimental abstract ambient bass music downtempo drone folk modern classical russian folklor techno Moscow

I don’t know much about this music as I evidently avoided all the information that came with it as it appeared through our illustrious request form, but from my own ears and mind I could make up that this was a bit of a holistic revelation in sound ways. It was a calming one, that featured the prominent voice of a certain Tatyana Kalmykova that seemed to sing among the walls of ruins, or perhaps a still standing church with great acoustics. Sometimes her voice gets bounced into a room in which it still feels warm, yet the acoustics feel flat, a bit as if the bigness gets suddenly beamed through some old time radio.

But it’s not all about Tatyana Kalmykova’s voice, it’s also pretty much about Wetwe, a strange name perhaps as it made me instantly think of someone that has the super powers to make a group instantly wet between the legs. However the music that Wetwe provides over here doesn’t feel as if it will make us all wet, more one that keeps us all warm and dry, as if it’s a pair of pleasant wings that we could all crawl up under for protection and support. It’s a great combination with the worldly words by Tatyana who sings at times like a ritual of some kind of spiritual happening.

I believe this might be folk music coming out of Russia, but it feels like it’s much more obscure, much more to the ground and connected to the early grounds of our existence. Something that feels like it could make music with just a pair of sticks, but thanks to modernizing elements is now teamed up with electronics to bring up a pleasantly soothing world in which we are the babies and the music (including the vocal abilities of Tatyana) is our well loving mother. It’s the material that makes me want to suck on my own thumb as a violin plays a loving sound that feels comfy and pleasant… what else could a twisted person wish more for?

It’s an intriguing set of music, really ticking the boxes of pleasantness on a global order. It is intriguing enough to get the will to try to read up where these artists had come from & what culture (if they have one) it somehow represents over here. Personally I love to culture hop, dive into things I have no clue about and suck it up like there is no tomorrow & with this release playing in my ears I really felt like it’s providing enough culture to tickle my marbles into excessive spooning!

Even though the release made me enthusiastic, it made me even calm down at the same time. Even so much so that I just had let everything hang loose, forgot about my urges and needs to find more background material of what inspired this material culture-wise & just enjoyed it as it is… there is simply no need to read all about it, learn your historic histories or become some archeological researcher; I felt that sitting back in a brainless state of mind was utterly pleasurable. It didn’t make me wet, but it provided lots and lots of comfort; there is a entire mysterious world of music out there to explore, when the time allows us too! Pretty wonderful!

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  1. Feminatronic says:

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    It’s been a strange few weeks and I haven’t been able to keep up with things here but I’m kicking myself that I missed this…It is a wondrous thing to listen to…

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