Fastus – Terra Incognito

Artist: Fastus
Title: Terra Incognito
Keywords: experimental abstract electronic analog electronic cinematic experimental electronic modular synth modular synthesizer Jersey City

When you start to sleep under blankets made out of synthesizers, you know you will get some wooly experience. Especially if it’s the the synthesizer sounds of music by Fastus; superb dreams will simply come in like high techno fairies, bubbling the room up with niceness, triggering the deep sleep into one breeding place in which dreams will give birth to more dreams. It’s hard to write this to you as I hardly can’t open my eyes, the music simply kept me in a state that feels secluded from the reality that YIKIS is based in, my mind is somewhere else…

Shit! Just slipping back for a little bit in order to attempt to communicate with you seems to come with a price. I simply got overwhelmed by a popular eighties song that goes something like this:
Dreams are made out of these, who am I to disagree? Travel the world and the seven seas; everybody looking for something…. yep, as you may agree, it’s best for me to just flow back into the dreams within the dream factory as created by the synthesizer materials by Fastus before I will quote ‘europe’s final countdown’… that would obviously be no good for this write-up as damn; this music comes from a whole different caliber.

Fastus’ music shakes in their Royal sweetness, feeding the right tempo to the third eye section of the brain, for a good intake of internal pleasure. This electric world will keep us all nice and warm as the mind melts away into its kind synthesizer soup. Slowly ebbing like a tranquilizer in music form, one that isn’t hard but very smooth… I can barely write as it infects my mind & turns it into some kind of paralyzed case of a sleeping beauty. Yep! You read that right!

It’s hard to describe music when you are so surrounded within it, rolled up while nibbling off the warm elements from it; you simply don’t know what to say & that on its own is already a pretty thing to say. It takes basically all thoughts away, has no problem to make the eyes go to take a look inside the skull, letting screens (like the one that you are staring at right now) be screens of non importance; it’s these synthesizer dreams that are the number ones on the agenda & if that means we are unable to function in this life anymore; so be it! Let’s live in the synthesized world of Fastus… I would say for eternity, but let’s say; till the end of the album… it’s a nice length for giving your mind a real break, but after that you might actually try to wake up, do things like sharing it around to the people who need it the most, or penning up fan-mail for Fastus, or just cook, eat, do private things in the sanitary facility, clean up etc… don’t lose your grip on this dimension of life just yet, even though this album is pretty tempting to live within it forever…

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One Response to Fastus – Terra Incognito

  1. Linda says:

    This album was a very nice followup after seeing Suzanne Ciani live (which was a real nice quadrophonic experience too!).

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