Emerging Patterns – Arcology’s tales

Artist: Emerging Patterns
Title: Arcology’s tales
Keywords: electronic experimental acid ambient arch dub techno glitch noise noise techno techno Vichy

The existence of danceable friendly noises is what makes life so much fun. To hear these sounds all nicely ordered to walk in line, to fit in with a pair of steady beats and hobble along to please us; is one of these things in life that makes it all worth it. It makes you want to dance, which is yet another great activity to do in life. Some people do not like dancing, claim not to know how to do it (they are probably right) , but maybe friendly noises (as captured here on this release) might give them that special stimulant to finally move a hip or a finger? Feeling confident and comfortable within your own body to move to a rhythm of noises just helps releasing those endorphins into the brain, making life a bit more interesting and happy.

These noises make you look at the workings of fax machines, hard working printers and even old school typewriters with a different pair of eyes; in every machine that makes rhythmic sounds lays a hidden instrument to help you go into that confident dancing mode. To see the office equipment from everyday boredom, change into kings and queens of the techno world is a mind opener, a joy in life! A source to make the muscles subtract and extract, to see things more positive and even become evidentially more healthy. Here these noises are interlaced with steady techno beats, making it easy to let go and appreciate it all. Even the ones that claim to have no rhythmic bone in their body should be able to handle them. It’s a short EP so even if you aren’t the most active, are early tired or simply too fat to stand up, you should be okay with this one. Wiggle your nose, the ears or just the eyebrows if needed; it’s all good…

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One Response to Emerging Patterns – Arcology’s tales

  1. Linda says:

    Recently, I listen often to nice music suggested and reviewed here and then totally forget to make a comment. I liked this one, as well as the newer album “random feelings”. ❤

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