Sun City Girls – Pelican ’92

Artist: Sun City Girls
Title: Pelican ’92
Keywords: experimental silkscreen art avantgarde diy record label folk folk rock free jazz noise noise-rock sun city girls traditional Moscow

It feels a bit like Christmas seeing this rerelease of the Sun City Girls’s classic ‘Pelican ’92’. It is now very much available on tape and as digital download, brought to us by the proud to be Russian label named Post-Materialization Music.

For the people unaware of this item’s content, I would like to do a bit of a walk-through. It starts with a sunny bit of music, one that goes well with a mysterious glass of orange juice and that seasonal vacation feeling. It is coming with friendly guitar psychedelics with melodies as nice as juicy melons. It might come across as something coming out of the seventies, which is a plus if you had missed those years and had been living in the nowadays.

After that the classic release comes with a more punk sounding rambling sensation in which the Sun City Girls seem to have eaten hot sauce and have all been screeching out sounds as if their mouths had been on fire. They sound loud enough to wake up the entire neighborhood. The active use of the rolling drum rolls help a lot to elevate the hysteria of the spiciness that tormented the band.

After this it’s time for ‘Apna Dash’ which swings like it’s performed by a band that had been playing on the corner of street, armed with a high hat for people to throw in all their silverware and golden coins. Perhaps they would accept even golden teeth… they would probably have had a old version of the tape with them for sale. Their voices are sounding like they are expressing themselves on top of their lungs, unsalted singing their Russian folklore as loud that it might reach the heavens. With playful music like this I’m sure these godly creatures would all be dancing high upon the clouds; I imagine them hopping from toe to toe with their arms raised up high… they must be pretty high!

For the next part the The Sun City Girls seem to have come out of the sewer system, it’s a bit weird perhaps, but if you had a bad LSD trip you must be a bit familiar with how they are sounding over here. You know where they had come from as and have no fear to pop up to haunt you with their tones of strange vocal artistry.
If you like it more concrete and less scary, you might enjoy the Sun City Girls Trippin’ in Krupa. It’s one track in which they sound incredibly active, playing their guitars like rough beast that had a lot of coffee to drink.

Talking about life in the alley… dogs in the alley is that classic moment of the release in which a rough story is told. It makes me wish for a future in which all audible stories would be told in the way that the Sun City Girls do it. It really grabs your ears and feels better than reading a book. But if you aren’t much into story telling there is always a ‘Cafe Batik’ to please your ears. It feels like the music you would hear when waiting at a Asian takeaway restaurant with a awkward taste in music. Mainly awkward not because of the music but more how the Sun City Girls sing with a weird quaking voice all over it.

Of course the release also contains “Immortal Gods” which comes across as the tune that feels like it was made in the time that Andy Warhol was still alive. A time in which plenty of heroin was on the table and the music was seemingly the spice of life. If you aren’t pleased with that (shame on you!) but you could also find comfort in the inclusion of a track named “Papa Legba”. It might be cuckoo but it is also sounding like the coolest papa in the world, one that is sung to respectfully, one that takes all the girls and boys on his lap, gives everyone equal attention as the papa squeaks like a chicken and frowns his eyebrows like a busty bush. When he tells you a story you will listen, as papa will go in to a full foxy mood, growling until the end like a maniac to get its pointless points across.

If you like checking into strangeness, you will also be pleased with the recording titled “Fog Hotel” which is like strange a track in which manically ill patients in a nutters house are all playing together like frenzied crazy people, they all seem to enjoy chatting shit while being creepy and insane… who doesn’t enjoy that? If you are more a blues fanatic, you can find your hail in “Black Weather Shoes” which sounds like the bluesiest track on the tape, has this melodically flair to satisfy you, but also a dirty voice that makes you want to take a shower when the release has done all it’s things.

The oddity that is “An old eyeball in a quart jar of snot” is also surprisingly included on this rerelease. It brings us all the nice wooziness that sounds a bit wet, sweet and soggy at the same time. It gives perfectly way to the last one on this album, one that is named “Run to the sun” and sounds as if the Sun City Girls are deluded, strangely out of their heads and firm in relaxedness. At first they seem like they are more into crawling into the sun, but when they see it nearer they abruptly run up the hill in order to trying to get their hands into it.

If there is a conclusion to make, I can only say that I’m grateful for the Russians and their acquired music taste. They have released a golden nugget straight back into the future & it will probably be well received by fans of the Sun City Girls, but also for generations that had never heard of them! Grab a copy at the following link:

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