Gifgrond #61 vs Enfant Terrible

Gifgrond, the only party in the entire world that matters the most… it is back on upcoming Saturday with number #61! Expect a fresh line up of underground’s finest. If you manage to come inside you will be in for a great time! This episode the Gifgrond place holds hands with the Enfant Terrible label, one of the finer ones that holds integrity above quantity, meaning that every act might be as underground as they could be, they all sound high up there on the scale of skilled synth f*ckery!

On this night Gifgrond gets the full Monty! And by this I mean it’s a excellently packed program including two incredible synthesizer pop heroes melted as one as the duo Staatseinde! These guys are phenomenal in what they do, they really seem to love those sounds and the music that they create with them… So much so that you could not only receive it with your ears, somehow you can receive it from their enthusiastic banging hearts to your more regular banging heart. They are the Hiromi’s of synth pop music, their love for it seems to be endless, resulting in tunes after tunes, flirting back in time to the old school German electropop to epic retro futurism in English and Dutch; it’s the music that conquers all language barriers and cultural differences. Here watch, hear and enjoy their way to express their respect to TDAFKAP (the dead artist formally known as Prince).

Their enthusiasm knows no endings as they rock out their tribulation, they aren’t afraid to give it all & shove it into the camera. One of them strongly reminds me of Seth Rogen but than high on their own cover! If you enjoyed that, you might want to check out their excellent 10th year anniversary release over here:

The full Monty would not be complete without the not so lighthearted presence of TWINS, a project by Matt Weiner, another synth pop king that seems to be a force not to make a fuzz with. TWINS’s sound is sounding like serious business, covering a darker side of one-selves and perhaps even questions humanity in general. That’s quite heavy, but that how it feels like, besides the visitors of Gifgrond are not the lightest souls; I’m sure they can use some heavy gravy on their party: it will keep them on the ground, so they won’t fly too much away as they clearly will attempt to dance upside down (David Bowie style) on the ceiling… TWINS music might as well give some of them s bunch of dancing tears, wiggling and wobbling while they roll down the cheeks of the emotionally triggered party-goers! To mentally prepare yourself for the real thing, you might want to check out the videoclip directed by Stefania Antonucci & Matt Weiner himself:
Now that we have established that the full Monty gifgrond party has enthusiasm & heavy emotions, we might as well inform you that there will be lots of acid! The acid will be squeaky clean and well tested for its safety as it is brought by the one and only trusted name in the acid game; Garçon Taupe. With Garçon Taupe on board of this loaded party, everyone will be guaranteed to be intoxicated with the finest acidic forms of danceable audio hypnosis. When Garçon Taupe’s acid kicks in, there will be simply no will to go back to the life before the Gifgrond / Enfant Terrible party had started! To get a free bite of the acid to get in the mood for the real thing, try out this excellent video clip made by Schone Vormen:
to make the event even fuller than the occasional full Monty, the party is promising to deliver Enfant Terrible deejays that will spin such hot records that people will have no choice than stripping their clothes off, to cope with it all, letting it all hang loose and enjoying that little bit of freedom that the awesome Gifgrond location in combo of these tunes will deliver! This Saturday 18 November 2017 it will all go down, so be there or miss out!


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  1. Linda says:

    There will be cake!

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