Artist: OMFO
Keywords: world oriental electronic Amsterdam
Reviewer: Jamie’s Olivier

OMFG! That was the first thing that came out of my system when hearing about OMFO. It was our dearest head of comment ‘miss Linda’ who informed us about this incredible artist, but it was my own enjoyment who pushed out this scream of excitement. What a excellent discovery OMFO was & what a joy it is to hear music in which culture was so nicely integrated in its most enjoyable music form.

Apparently OMFO had been living in the same city as Linda, but she had no idea of the artist’s existence until recently. It’s a good thing that even though the city of Amsterdam (the Netherlands) is basically as small as it could be, there is still lots of interesting artists, people and projects slipping underneath the viewable surface of the eyes of its nosy citizens. Not that I claim to know Linda long enough to say that she is nosy, but let’s say that there isn’t much that is able to escape her detective eyes and ears; trademarks every head of comment should have!

But you can’t run or hide in the underground forever so it seems! As one day the Linda will notice you when it’s worth the attention & the likes of me will attempt to write some unnecessary long essay about it, especially when the occasion occurs that she passes her discovery along. Bless Linda as discovering the music by OMFO simply ticked all the right boxes of what I personally liked and needed, so hell, I might be this weirdo running this obnoxious blog, it must be told that this stuff goes in me as if it’s the best cake ever baked!

Apparently mysterious Linda had received a rider from this artist, informing her with information like the fact that OMFO originated from a place called Odessa. When I heard his music I wouldn’t have the slightest idea about that. I would immediately think that he would be coming out of Persian territories. I wouldn’t think of this port city on the Black Sea in southern Ukraine at all, and I would never think of Amsterdam… now I do, but i think of it in some cultural melting pot that is extremely tasty and a home for the many unearthed under-the-radar artists that are out there.

The thing with the music of OMFO is that it fits perfectly in my cooking scheme. Might that explain my personal enthusiasm? I might have to explain that perhaps, so let me just do that right now; when I cook food, I like to hear music when I’m doing it. Lately I gained this strange ritual to put on some Syrian music while cooking. It might be an old authentic mix, but will easily go for a full on Omar Souleyman marathon because that’s somehow remarkably the best music to cook with. I’m in a full scale of hysteria for the yet to arrive brand new album release by this mister Souleyman, one that is scheduled to be released in the next year and I can’t seem to wait for it. It would give that extra flavor to the food.. I believe it’s called something on the line of ‘with love for Syria’ and sounds like it might be the American politician’s nightmare of incredibly dance music! I simply can’t wait for it to come out and cook with it, it just might make the food give that tangy taste!

But because at this moment, next year is still very much far away & there is still lots of cooking to be done, the music of OMFO is a perfect substitute! His music might not contain any of the rhythmic voice of Omar & no legendary handclaps, but it does very much has that energy to go fully loopy in the kitchen with. Pots and pans, spoons, spatulas, ingredients, everything fits nicely together when this release plays loudly in the kitchen over here.

But as this isn’t a cooking site & we hardly discussed the actual music over here, I think it would be a very useful idea to translate what our head and f comment Linda had to say about it:

The music by OMFO is a kind of synthesizer Balkan, interlaced with more styles and genres. It doesn’t come with a terror tempo that the super hero Logosamphia likes to apply to his music, but more chill… when performing live OMFO brings more musicians (and music instruments!) to the stage. Also lots of oscilloscopes and visuals are brought along to please the eye (and probably forget the urge to cook instantly!)

You can find my new kitchen buddie (also known as his latest EP!) over here:

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4 Responses to OMFO – ZULFIQAR

  1. Linda says:

    In an exchange of suggestions, I am now binge-listening Omar Souleyman :D:D

    • Linda says:

      I can’t understand how you can cook on Omar Souleyman… I have to clap and dance all the time. And how come all the songs are alike and yet not boring at all. mysteries mysteries, I love them 😀

      • kainobuko says:

        I use my third arm to cook, the others for clapping and the rest of my body for dancing; it’s a spicy mix! 😉

  2. Polosamphia says:

    YES! OUR MAN FROM ODESSA! He is one of netherlands best kept secrets! Been a fan of his work for quite some years! ❤

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