Petridisch – 358

Artist: Petridisch
Title: 358
Keywords: experimental ambient indie noise pop noise rock post rock Boston
Label: I Heart Noise

With orgasmic powers Petridisch’s 358 attends. Nothing can block its magic out of your system, not even double glassing or a strong mind; this music gets balsamed within you in no time, rubbing your back , soul and mind into a strange fruitful bliss that had come from some previously unknown dimension. Now 358 sinks into the body, marking it for future generations with a distinctive scent of atmospheric eery witchcraft. Is it of the good kind of an attempt to put you down in a sinister state?

Each track feels like it’s a potent spell that will sit within you forever, brought to you by voices that might either spook you out or heal you; it isn’t very clear if they are the good side of magic or the bad one. But it doesn’t matter, as wether it’s a case of beautiful healing or an excursion into long lasting curses of absurd doom; both are incredibly intriguing. They made the personal world go a bit baloney, rubbing in these vocals that seem to hail from deities that we don’t seem to meet in everyday life, but are now roaming around freely for us gentle people to be absorbed. It’s them and their offbeat sounding melodramatic tones that either give you the possible freaks, or soothes you out like a positive experience at a magic gathering.

Nobody knows if you are in good hands over here, but the intrigue of it all makes that a fact of non importance. 358 has this potent power to grab the full attention, making you to respect it as it plays, as in no way offending it would be a good thing to do. These tracks, as loaded with the heaviness that they seem to have, are like the appearance of a beautiful creature that can either be good and caring, or simply said turn against you to provide the music for your worst nightmare.

358 is superbly mysterious, cultivating the space of eternal questions between yin and yang, good and evil, dark and light. It shimmers between these two like a lightweight boxer that has the best of both worlds into its skills. It’s a haunting experiment that (depending on your own mind and thoughts) could be your friend, or a frenemy in Ghost form. In any case it is not lighthearted and will get to you like a beautiful charm of some strange ritual:

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