various artists – Fabriekmuziek

Artists: various
Title: Fabriekmuziek
Keywords: ambient drone electronic experimental industrial noise Netherlands
Label: Gruis Audio Produkt

The legendary super prolific busy artist Dr NoiseM has the rightful honor to open this compilation up. He makes the ground sizzle as if it’s a hot frying pan with cubes of butter in it. Than the hero starts to stamp into it, jumps up and down for loud bangs among the sizzling butter that is burning up; a combination that smells of cannibalism but never gets towards the moment in which we all go and eat… meat.

Carnival Sam brings out the best firework screams along with a fearful downfall of horror sounds. If you listen deeply you might experience the voices in your head bubbling through, but it feels like it’s fireworks-night on repeat; obviously a true hell for anyone who has a firework phobia.

Fabio Crivellaro brings a really cool funky tune to the fabriek mix, one that got the right groove, that all-loving sock puppet kind of bass & the perfect fitting noises to top it off. Can’t resist a little dance, even though we all have to look tough and nihilistic, after all; we are digging through a noisy compilation.

Foltergeist buzzes up the pressure with something that makes me think of a case of vandalism. I don’t know if you have engaged in that kind of thing from first hand, but it reminds me of kicking a busstop into pieces, cracking the glass, bending the seats and kick it some more. It’s not the best adult thing to do, but somehow it can feel good at certain times.

Oral VS Anal VS Murder brings in a rhythmic collection of arranged noise that comes across as if cross-motors have been racing through the mud into the artist microphone and have now been cut up into pieces by a chainsaw until all evidence of possible wrong doing had been eliminated. No crime has occurred here, please move along…

Kai Nobuko digs into his roots over here, you can hear where he had come from and what’s going on in his mind. I don’t know him very well personally, but the music on this compilation by him tells me a lot about Nobuko and his origins.

Motor 166 brings in a neat screeching of noises, ones that feel like they are blasted on a guitar, super distorted, ones that have no problem to shake the speakers over here in such a form that they wobble over the floor all by themselves. Trust me; it’s an amazing sight!

Kindstod’s track feels as if the artist recorded the fax machine on his last frustrating working day in a office, repeatedly placed the recording on top of the previous one, until it becomes this gigantic fax machine orgy that is as good as non-identifiable.

SRVTR seems to know how to bring machine noises to life. They make themselves present as if they are under the floor trying to come out someway or somehow. It’s nice to hear them, it makes me want to dig a hole in the floor and pick them up for a cuddle and a hug. They might bite, but that’s okay.

Infinity of 6 gets this atmosphere going on that might be the one as experienced in a old fashioned iron smith place, one in which the smith is banging on old swords. A awkward sounding medieval voice who is chatting away about Devine love is also included; might this be the smith in love? Or an attempt to become a guru?

Model For Assembl brings a harsh dance track that might be difficult to dance on, but if beating each other to shit in a electro generated moshpit is considered dancing… welcome to the dancing party!

Crever brings the sweetest track to the compilation, that doesn’t mean it isn’t banging ; it bangs hard but shimmers slowly at the same time.

Scorpion Sound Source speeding things up to get out that final nastiness into your ears. It’s that last resort to get the ears perforated & I believe it does its job in a excellent matter. If you want to get your ears pierced, your mind entertained or need some exciting noises in your life, why not check out this fine compilation:

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