Blood On The Mercy Seat – Demonic Operators, Hear My Voice

Artist: Blood On The Mercy Seat
Title: Demonic Operators, Hear My Voice
Keywords: experimental experimental experimental improv noise Baltimore

Blood On The Mercy Seat Kicks this release in with a track darkly referred to as ‘Demonic’. You might think it would sound beastly (which it does!) , but I think it’s rather a worldly joke as it is sounding more like a Demo than a pair of demons in action. There is a point within it, one in which a old tape seems to be played in which a twisted mind claims that his daddy is Satan & we all go to hell, but let’s look beyond that… don’t think of this here being a crappy satanic demo, it’s more about the rough lo-fi sound that it all sounds recorded in, this is the thing that gives it this well-searched for charming demo feel. All these top notch rich hipster producer kids will be well jealous hearing this!

In fact the whole music is actually sounding quite big and small at the same time, its as if a mid sized rehearsal room had been filled (for its fullest potential) with tripped out larger-than-life animals of all kinds and a bunch of music instruments that they use and abuse to go fully loopy with… These instruments are the tools of their trade, as they remarkably trip out on them, pressing those keys, pulling those strings, twisting those knobs, blowing those pipes like they are on some kind of a possessed trip… possessed? As in demonic? Well… yes, but also as in possessed by the demo process and simply their own intoxicating sound creation… the zoo-like bunch are simply connecting to the sounds of themselves and each other over here; temporarily burning away their differences in order to create the psychologic psychedelia that a junkie listener likes to hear to get its kicks from.

The release also contains a track named ‘operators’, which also follows the music making animals in their musical habitat, playing a strange work for us that feels as if they are secretly plotting some kind of murder scheme as they play, making their sounds and instruments do the talking and make the plans for them. I imagine a elephant, a parrot, and a leopard on the piano, a bear, squirrels and a human psychopath that sits in the middle of it all, saying motivational things to them like ‘you are all a bunch of pussies’ and more. It influences the animals and their music, it either makes them sound angry, or a bit down with a downwards death marching vibe towards the end, a thing that would probably make the whole room shake. Those big elephant feet sure sounds like they could crush a person’s head.

The last track on this release is the best thing you would probably hear all day, it’s called ‘hear my voice’ which is probably the bizarreness highlight of it all. It sounds utterly hot, like a feverish migraine that gets more and more intense as it goes on untreated. The animals go more and more berserk, the room is too small, the furniture starts to break or move, the grandma’s cuckoo clock is flipping out on its own & the music instruments take their players by their neck in order to strangle them; resulting in a wild fight, a struggle between the players and their devilish instruments; they squeeze the life out of them but not without pushing their victims lungs out, make them blow the satanic trumpet harder, beating them up with their own gruesome drums & drive them insane with their own massive sounds! The recording session becomes like a mental freak show in which the insanity is utterly great! Might as well be the best freak out that I’ve ever heard recorded; evoking a wonderful murderous music fest in which no animal are left unaffected & the battle for life between instrument and player had been super excited. Worth all the bloody eyes, ripped off trunks and beaten to death drums! Forget about it being the devil’s music; you simply got to hear this! It’s eruption is insanely awesome!

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