Jhelisa – The Sacral Connection (Within the Key of D)

Artist: Jhelisa
Title: The Sacral Connection (Within the Key of D)
Keywords: ambient acoustic cosmic soul electronic jazz world Atlanta

The Sacral Connection (Within the Key of D) must be one of the better titled releases that my eyes had fallen over when going for a stroll on the internet. With a name like that you might wonder if the music is able to live up to its perceived bigness as implied by it. Let me tell you; it deserves even a bigger one! The Sacral Connection (Within the Key of D) is worth every letter and every word, as musically this is all the way up there in the high clouds of magical healers, of musical shamans that go for a calm audio ritual that is utterly pleasing & ultimately pleasant for all who dares to attend.

It is as if you slip into something that feels very comfortable, a sound-bath of warm mysterious vocals, coming from an ancient wise place in which we can feel as safe as a new born baby who lays warm and fresh in the arms of loving parents. With humming vocal abilities, our ears are treated with the best vibrations to align with, making The Sacral Connection (Within the Key of D) really one to connect and sink away in. Small but pleasant music notes are slipping into the vibrating tones of the voice, perfectly giving the whole ritual a new level of that proud new-age sound.

It’s better than attending a doctor of any kind & probably even more helpful at times to attend the state that The Sacral Connection (Within the Key of D) brings you. It’s one that soothes the mind, making it a place of being comfy and utterly pleasant. Just like popular children programs; we adults like it when good things come back in repeat, so we can get a sense of familiarity with it; also here The Sacral Connection (Within the Key of D) provides! As it’s actually three mixes of the same work, giving your mind the pleasure of music recognition & repetition, as well as the time to switch off and think about eternal nothings. With this ritual playing It is simply the right time to go in a trance, to meditate or have a go at a session of amazing tantric sex!

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