Maria Afonso – Ecology

Artist: Maria Afonso
Title: Ecology
Keywords: acoustic experimental ambient The Hague

Maria Afonso might be the person to bring enough sweetness so you won’t need to add sugar in your tea or coffee, even honey can stay on the shelf. Her album is sweet, but not too much as she provides a cooler synth sound to balance it out, making the overall enjoyment of this Ecology release into one that can be enjoyed by all. It’s one that feels like it’s suitable for all ages; young, old and somewhere in the middle.

But how does sweetness in the ecological world of Maria Afonso sound like? It’s rather cute apparently! It made me quite happy when her tones sketched these clean places in which you can chill out and enjoy the environmental melodies. It starts
with a certain brightness named ‘The Millions’. She throws in a blissful rhythm along with a smooth melody and manages to make it a great starter to walk up front and set the trend.

The artist continues to set out a perfect world with a lovely “Sunday Afternoon In The Park”. It’s a time we’ll spend as everything is calm, loving and as far as music could be; it’s kind of cute. I try to avoid that word, but it’s the one that came strongly to my mind. It was here that I imagined a perfect cinematic scene in which a nice clean park set with nice colors had been laid out. Things like green grass, a beautiful tree, a view of calm nibbling waves from a pond, a comfy bench with a nice person seated on it, perhaps a colorful bird sitting in the tree… everything is perfect!

With Moon, moon Maria Afonso brought in more (there we go again!) cuteness! The whole vibe of this track felt like a feel good Japanese cartoon, together with a lovely melody that is by far a nicer experience to hear than eating candy, Moon, moon might be warm but the artist smartly added lush synth waves to cool it all nicely down.

Of course it’s only a guess with what Maria Afonso used to create these pieces, but her ‘A Bird In Flight’ felt as if the very lovely melody had been played out on a wooden xylophone; what a pleasant sound! With the drums in the track named ‘A Night In Weimar’ she gives the music a bit of a wonky jazz twist. With the melodies she clearly goes to set out a scene of a very special night to remember. One that sounded hot, even a bit sweaty, romantic and with a very humble sunny guitar to serenade the moon light. With Maria Afonso adding her field recordings to the music, she manages to really make it all come alive.

More calm wonderful stuff she made with ‘The Magpie Sings’ it’s a minimal work coming at us at a slow dedicated pace. It’s as if the artist made the connection with the magpie, letting it slowly come over to eat out of our hands!

My personal favorite one on this album is ‘To See’, which feels a bit more full, it simply brings out all the enjoyable sugary sounds to perform for the listeners & even the birds seem to be very happy about it, all singing their songs cheerfully from appropriate appreciation.

All the way at the end Maria Afonso features Nimbus 3000 on a track titled ‘The artist learns to speak’. Things gets lovingly loopy over here, with a cute vocal appearance that seemed so appropriate and well fitting with the music style . It lightens up the roads of possibilities within this music, making it grow into the greatness of the early music of Tujiko Noriko. So pretty, it reeks for more!

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