Mo Bedick – KFC jones EP

Artist: Mo Bedick
Title: KFC jones EP
Keywords: experimental radio friendly robin guthrie arctic monkeys aztec otown prefab sprout yuko yuko Leiden
Label: Smikkelbaard

This release is so nicely filled with rock pop wooziness, so much so that’s it makes a regular listener feel as if he or she drank a whole battalion worth of alcoholic beverages, making the world a bit blurry and the music a bit better than intended. Music with guitars, drums, bass and a voice that all sounds like they are recorded behind that purple fog of alcoholism, perhaps even some green herb, with melodies neatly shining through like a untouchable, but very real Fata Morgana.

It’s as if we had drowned in the bar in booze while a great band plays, musically guiding us through the messy state that we are in; we have the night of our lives! One more drink please, perhaps another spliff to puff… before either falling asleep on the table or dance butt naked on top of the bar; it’s a thin line to be crossed! The slacker fuzzy wussy pop music is so friendly and inviting that it almost feels like a dream, nothing is real, so why not do crazy things and end up arrested; there is always a warm and safe place to freely sober up in some local police cell…

With fun and friendly music like this, reality sounds like a blur; we might be spaced out, but we are feeling alright, on top of our game and almost untouchable! It’s the band that gives us the potent happiness that fits a intoxicated positive thinker; whatever happens we would be happy! Wading through life in a stoned bliss, off our tits and smiling all the way… Maybe not when we sober up and the music had been long gone, being kicked in the face by a police officer with marital problems at home… but that is a worry for later; now all is okay and very much fine! Long live the mellow smokey blurry pop wooziness of Mo Bedick!

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