Ray Kosmische – Flag Days

Artist: Ray Kosmische
Title: Flag Days
Keywords. ambient crane house records electronic psychedelic soundscapes Nottingham

Fag days are the days that you smile a lot of fags, but what are Flag days? Some patriotic time in which people wave flags wherever they go? In the case of Ray Kosmische it’s the title of a album. It feels like a conceptual one, I do not hear patriotism but maybe it’s about posts being flagged by Facebook users? It sounds at times a bit like ‘oh no we have been flagged again’; don’t these flagging people and so called moderators have nothing better to do?

But all flags aside, the tracks on this release are atmospheric and balancing nicely on the fine line of heavy and lightness. The conceptual part is that between most of the tracks a very short glimpse of experimental audio pops in as mediators glueing these tracks somewhat awkwardly together. Maybe these represents the flagging users? In any case it feels as if these interventions are the cornerstones that are dragged in, in order to net get you into that sleepy ambient mood. They are the short experiments that will make you alert enough to enjoy these atmospherically spacious soundscapes with a full-on attention. Letting them take you to outer space, to some kind of humbling area to ultimately chill or feel kinda spaced out in. We cannot be flagged there, can we?

A place that brings the sight of green alien girls that fly on their noisy little jetliners, they might even take you out of your conform zone as they press your face into their chests; it’s a muffled sound experience, yet sharp enough to make a normal person think of knives being sharpened under water. Andiamo! Is the final work on the release, going for a breezy breeze, a pounding heartbeat, a sound-collage of people and electric abstract things; it’s a place without moderation, no body would flag this as inappropriate and if so; the sounds of killer wasps might probably scare these flagging flag day people enough to go and leave us and Ray Kosmische alone!

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