Barry Soetoro – Homeland Security

Artist: Barry Soetoro
Title: Homeland Security
Keywords: homeland security, dance, breakcore, netlabel
Label: Effluvia Recordings

Who doesn’t remember the underground hit ‘I want your guns’ by Barry Soetoro? When that one came out a tremendous amount of conspiracy theorists had been holed up in their bomb shelters to rave to the illustrious beeps and bleeps that the tune provided. The beeping music in combination with Barry himself promising that he wouldn’t take any guns away, was simply the energetic enigmatic maddening food at all the tinfoil hats inspired underground parties.

It was a typical one day fly hit, once that made a lot of dust blow in the air but eventually flatlined into obscurity. For years I had been strolling the underground for more Barry Soetoro & evidentially by pure luck bumped into the artist himself at a blood transfusion exchange center. It’s a thing where you can donate blood for a good cause & we found each other magically seated next to each other while a rude nurse drained us like a vampire. Normally it isn’t a very pleasant feeling, but when I met Barry I simply wished the drainage would have never ended.

I was quite shy, also a bit worried that I wouldn’t embarrass him when going into a fan mode… but he was very friendly, told me about his wife and kids, his passion for water slides, midget golf and eventually a bit about his music. He was very insecure about his music career, wasn’t sure if it was the right thing for him to do as he had bigger plans to go and execute. He was seemingly not even aware that “I want your guns” had been such a successful underground release, even being released on a floppy diskette… his reaction was a awkward laugh and the remark that someone must have made some money out of it , but that it wasn’t him…

Surprisingly after the blood ordeal he gave me something, a brown envelop (I remember it well) with a mini micro CD inside. He told me that it was his last and final recording, that he had kept this one and only copy of it in his bag to give to someone who would appreciate it. Obviously I was thrilled, yet sad at the same time… the last ever Barry Soetoro material… in my hands… I wanted to tell him not to stop producing, to continue his voyage in the underground music world and praise his shiny teeth & rain compliments all over him… but he quickly gave me a firm loving handshake and said something like ‘got to go buddy…’ and made his way quickly out of the blood sucking place.

When I came home that night I listened, danced and listened some more. I didn’t want to be the only one to be able to do such an act, this was the work of Barry Soetoro after all.. the one hit wonder with two tracks for dancing purposes… I remember contacting effluvia recordings with the story of the encounter & sending away the contents of this micro CD for the label to look at and hopefully spread; which effluvia gloriously did so we could all enjoy the rare one off obscurity that is ‘homeland security’ by Barry. It might not have become a hit, but still feels like a classic case of history to me. I have no idea what had happened to Barry after our little encounter, if he was okay with it to bring these tracks into the open or not, but I hope they he is doing the things that he loves, enjoying the freedoms of midget golf and the family life…

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