[lyn] – Questions au clair de lune

Artist: [lyn]
Title: Questions au clair de lune
Keywords: electronic breakbeat electronica experimentation idm ost Paris

Are you ready for some seriousness over here? Well, there is this fine album by [lyn] and it brings in a serious tone within me. One that makes me want to describe the release in a unusual seriousness, so let’s put on your intellectual face and continue to read, or perhaps skip the text and find a direct link at the bottom of this post. Anyway, here we go:

With a fine touch of synth the album opens quietly, only to continue on a lovable journey of moody feel good alienating pretty music. With the main dishes in melody and the uprising programmed drums as the good tasty side palls! It feels as if love cats have been meowing in each other’s furry paws, cuddling with the tails around each other like a true scene of warmth and coziness. This record is one of pleasant synthesizer sounds forming somewhat lonely loving melodies aligned with electric rhythms.

The album gets a more punchier vibe with the appearances of ‘Créer un autre monde’, ‘Si le monde soudain s’arrêtait’ and ‘L’Apocalypse’, ones that brings a more distorted muffled beat to the atmospheric synth magic. Even though it’s more punchy, the all round vibe is calm and relaxed. One that makes you want to slip on a pair of slippers and a bath robe just to feel that extra bit of coziness slipping into your bones and body. Huffing on a pipe while ‘Voir au delà d’une nuit sans étoiles’ shimmers in it’s pretty presence makes you feel like your life is worth to live for. In fact the whole album is a smoothable session in which you could calm down with, but not too lazy-making to entirely fall asleep in. The rhythmic elements are keeping the vibes up, drumming up the space that bring the minimal synthesized sessions alive and well.

‘Le Temps’ strips it all down to the core, just giving the lonely melody the main stage; creating an intimate sentimentality a voice. You can hear the artist being devoted to these works, putting itself in there for the greater cause to create friendly emotional music with that touch of being human. ‘Si la lueur du soleil un jour s’éteignait’ feels like the one with the most anxiety attached to it; you feel the nerves running through the kindly toned melody and the rhythm, making this album not one of total easy listening or some simple ambient record; there is just some more facets to it all. It’s clearly made with love and passion & if you want to hear it all, I would recommend to slip on something comfortable and click the following link:

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